Wonders of Following a fresh food Diet

Wonders of Following a fresh food Diet

Wonders of Following a fresh food Diet

Hi everybody..
How are you all? You know I have seen people who knead the dough once and keep on making rotis from it till the time it does not get used up completely; even if that time comes after 4 days. Still better, knead the dough once in a week and get sorted for the rest of the week.

Do you think eating fresh food and hours/days old food is equal? Do you think food retains the same amount of nutrients after 7-8 hours of being cooked? Well, the answer is NO.

I have read over a zillion times in newspapers and health articles, that consuming food over around 7-8 hours of cooking does not give you as many nutrients as freshly cooked food. Reheating the food decreases the nutritive value. Besides, fresh made food is responsible to build up your immunity, long kept food on the other hand brings lethargy. The only thing it satisfies is hunger, neither body’s demands nor tongue’s. I am mentioning tongue also because reheated food or food made hours ago is never as tasty as fresh good.

When you go for grocery shopping what is your first question to the vendor? “Bhaiya, is it fresh?” You have to buy fresh fruits and vegetables every time but what about the cooked food? Is it not important for it to be fresh every time?

Read this instance carefully:

Scene 1: A typical family in which the husband and wife are rushing to get ready for their offices.

Husband “What is for breakfast honey?”

Wife “I made daal yesterday na… we are going to eat the same. I am making rotis and a little amount of ‘xyz’ sabji with it”

They ate the same and went for work.

Scene 2: After they return home from work.

Husband “I am hungry”

Wife “The ‘xyz’ sabji from the breakfast is still kept in the fridge. We will reheat that. I am too tired to cook anything for dinner now”

The irony lies in the fact that when you ask the couple “Why do you slog day and night at work?” They say “For my bread and butter” 😛

Arey bhai when you are not even eating the bread and butter properly, what are you working for? This way, over the years, you will collect money, but health and body? It will all be lost.

(By the way this instance was kalpanic 😛 I mean it is created by my genius mind :P)

What food we eat and how we eat is what makes our bodies what they are. Why some people are able to resist the biggest diseases while some others fall ill on 300 out of 365 days a year? It is the food that makes the difference.

Wonders of Following a fresh food Diet

• Please make some poor eat your leftover food at the same time or keep it for the crows but do not keep it in the fridge to be eaten over time again.

• Knead the dough in the amount needed for one time or maximum two times usage. Do not make extra food, so that it is not left over at the first place.

• Do not keep the “moh” of leftover food and discard it by all means.

• Pulses if eaten hours after cooking increase “vatta dosha” and gives you pain in the body depending upon your body constitution. This is more common for the elderly.

• Those of you who are “lazy bones”, just think- food is the main thing around which the whole world rotates, if you do not find time for cooking food, what else are you going to get time for? Cooking simple 1 veg meal would also do, but please do not keep eating the same food for next meal timings.

I will not bombard you with no. of scientific reasons for the same; rather I would just say “Try making fresh food for yourselves every time and see the difference in your health. You would feel more active, more powerful, happy and disease free.
Until next time, take care!

About the Author


Dr Sahiba Wadhwa is an intern in a BDS college

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34 Responses to Wonders of Following a fresh food Diet

  1. Nidhi says:

    Sahiba, you are a genius no doubt.. Your articles are so beautifully written. As a reader, I feel so connected with you 🙂 and yeaa Fresh food, best food !!

  2. Meenakshi says:

    So true….In my family, we never believe in keeping food for long and eating it again and again..Mom and Dad always say fresh is best and healthy…

  3. Ankita says:

    I agree with everything u said Sahiba 🙂 at times it is difficult to let go of the moh of leftover….heheeee…I face the same problems Bcoz I have to carry my lunch to office but I prepare it in the morning n take it…freshly cooked food is possible only on weekends…. 🙁 that is why I think all guys should know cooking, at least the hubby in the example could cook in the evening instead of depending totally on his wife… 🙂

    • Nidhi says:

      agreee agree!! Men who love cooking are the sexiest men in this world 😛

      • Ankita says:

        Love nahi bhi Kare to chalega…Kaam chalau khana bana le instead of waiting for his wife is enough… 🙂 thank god my hubby can cook decently….in fact I encourage him to cook….I don’t want to slog out all days of the week..n I definitely don’t want to be the girl who is totally responsible for the health of my family..what about my health then….I m a bit of a feminist….don’t mind 😛 😛

  4. Shruti says:

    I agree with you Sahiba, but I leave at around 8 am and come back at 11 pm, if I don’t make dinner arrangements beforehand, I’m very much likely to get a takeout from some fast food joint (only those are open till late night), so meal preparation is sort of a must for me!

    Though I do try to eat fresh on weekends like Ankita! 🙂

  5. Megha says:

    Wow sahiba.. Wat an example u mentioned.. Kahani ghar ghar ki.. Fresh khane ki baat hi kch or h:-)

  6. Pooja Sedamkar says:

    I am a living example of this eating fresh cooked food concept 🙂 It surely has changed my concept of living life to the fullest 🙂 It has made a lot of difference to me and my body 🙂 I hope i can continue it all the time 🙂

  7. Arzoo says:

    Hi Sahiba..i knew this one and i don’t even eat noon’s food at night chahe raat me kuch bane na i make myself some poha,oats or tofu sabzi which is very easy to make.

  8. Disha says:

    Very well written Sahiba. In fact the scenario that you have given used to be me a couple of years ago. We would eat leftovers and eat out often. Then we got a helper, she cooks fresh meals for us morning and evening. In return I get time time for my workout and we save money as well coz we don’t eat out very often now.

  9. Amrin says:

    Nicely written Sahiba.. I work in night/early morning shifts – so most of the time I eat pre-cooked , re-heated food… Fresh food is for the weekends, but there is no match for steaming hot pot of rice or hot hot rotis :):)

  10. Neha says:

    terrafic article sahiba. All ur points are well put and true. well i knead the dough at night for morning because i am in a bit hurry in the morning… is it ok?

  11. Vrinda says:

    All points taken Doc. Very good write up 🙂

  12. Leez says:

    You’ve put forward excellent points Sahiba. Cooking already robs food of many nutrients so reheating takes away most of the remaining nutrients too.
    And as for the couple in the kalpanic situation, they can have freshly made food if the husband would share the task of cooking. Its only fair since they both rush to work and come home tired 🙂

  13. nidhi says:

    Hi Sahiba.. your articles are so cute just like you:)
    I try to always eat fresh cooked food as my mother in law is very particular abt it 😉
    yes but sometimes we do eat the morning subzi in evening 😛
    Ny ws will try to eat fresh maximum possible. 🙂

  14. Neetu says:

    hahh.. this was our story sometime back sahiba.. 😛 but nw after quitting job I still knead dough and prepare sabji at nite for my busy hubby who rushes to office at 6:30 sharp in the morning.. 🙁 I cannot find any alternative of preparing fresh sabji for him except waking up sharp at 4-5 am in mrng which is practically impossible for me it seems.. 😛 But After reading ur well written post I feel I need to rethink and reschedule my routine for hubby.. Thank u sweety!!

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