Will Cardio give me a Toned Body: Ask MissFit

Will Cardio give me a Toned Body: Ask MissFit


Adithi asks,

I am Adithi Sharma, a 22 (turned 22 on feb 25 :D) old engineering graduate from A.P. I am a big fan of IMBB and Miss Fit blog. These are the only 2 blog I read. U guys rock…\m/

I would like to ask you a query. J

I wanted to lose weight as I weigh 65 kgs and I am 5’4. So I recently got myself an elliptical trainer to work out at home. After a week on it for 40 mins everyday, I put off 1 kg and one inch in all problem areas. My upper body and calves started to look slimmer. But I have a lingering doubt in my mind. L

Q: Will cardio on the elliptical trainer give me a toned slender look (or) make me look bulky and muscular? I mean… will I develop abs and biceps and all (or) will just lose fat overall to look thin?? Because I want to look thin and slender, not slightly muscular ;-(
Also could you please suggest the right posture on the elliptical trainer?

Please help.. L

I hope I am clear with what I wanted to ask you.. :/

Thank you so much in advance for taking time to read my letter… J

Adithi…. J

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  1. Nidhi says:

    HI Adithi,

    Belated Happy B’day :) Umm, you lose fat with any cardio activity. It is good to start with cardio activity initially as that will help you burn fat as well build your stamina but, there are various other parameters of fitness which you should also work on. factors like strength, tone, flexibility etc .. For which you will have to do some muscle specific exercises also.. May be for some time stick to whatever you are doing already and then you can progress.. :)

  2. Adithi says:

    :D :D thank u ma’am… :) :p
    i’l continue with cardio then… :)
    and again thank u ma’am for posting my query and ur advice… :)

  3. YummyMummy says:

    Hi Adhiti,
    A belated Happy Birthday. Its lovely that you are loosing weight.
    The correct posture on the elliptical trainer ,step on the machine with your back straight, shoulders back and head held high. Keep your abdominal muscles tight to help maintain this posture throughout your workout.

    Cardio activity burn fat so loosing weight will happen but to look toned I would suggest adding in some exercises that can build muscles. Having said that building muscles isnt the same as looking muscular. To look muscular or bulk up food is also a huge aspect, ask one of the bodybuilders and they will vouch that looking bulky is a tough thing.

    So dont be scared to do some weight training, and the best would be to use body weight. Exercises like Planks, Pushups, Body bridge etc. It will build endurance and strenght, giving you a super hot toned body. Also eat 6 small meals, and loads of water.
    I hope this helps

  4. arja says:

    It`s no rocket science. :D Cardio will make you lose inches , the nasty fat pockets (and it`ll make you curse the cardio machines the most – yes it`s tiresome ) and for toning you need to do weight training. ( not hercules style weight training – weight training with small weights – 1 kg ,2 kg , 2.5 kg should be good. ) squats help too.

  5. Simone says:

    YummuMummy has given good advice already

    Using cardio only as a means to lose weight is not a very desirable prospect because steady state cardio doesn’t distinguish between fat and muscle when you lose weight and lose of muscle mass is not something you might want, no matter what your fitness goal is.

    Also using cardio only might make you lose the amount of weight you want but you will end up gaining weight soon after you stop doing cardio – not a good sign of sustained healthy metabolism. We surely don’t want to stop exercising after reaching a goal weight but this isn’t the kind of fitness you would want either.

  6. Adithi says:

    thank u Arja and Simone.. :) :)

  7. Ashu says:

    Hi Adithi… belated birthday wishes…

    – cardio will improve your stamina and help you lose fat.
    – women will never develop muscles like men because we dont have enough testosterone hormone is our body. this hormone is present in men in major quantity and very less in women. this hormone is responsible for muscle gain and hence with similar workouts, men will develop muscles and women will get toned body. so dont be afraid of weight training in gym..
    – you can also start yoga to tone your body.
    – cardio helps just this much in losing weight… you will find the weight reduction initially but later as your body gets used to it..the reduction in weight will slow down.
    – yoga helps burn fat, improve posture, blood circulation, tones your body,makes your organs stronger… and you can just google the benefits of yoga….
    – if you can, you can also join a gym where there are well qualified trainers who will guide you correctly for weight training exercises…
    please remember, get a good teacher/trainer for any form of exercise you choose to go for…

    I have been going to gym for a few years now, and I did achieve a toned body, fats gone, increased strength, a good stamina from my 80kg weighing body before I hit the gym… :) so its my personal experience talking to you…

  8. Adithi says:

    :D thank u ashu.. :)
    will also start yoga now… :)

  9. dhara parekh says:

    I have recently checked my TSH level.Its slightly on the upper border.Can u suggest some exercises helpful in controliing TSH level.
    Also i had not got my menses for 3 months.After taking pills i got withdrawal.I dont understand whether my TSH level is high since i had not got my menses or is it tht i did not get menses because of thyroid??!!!
    Sorry –i know i should have asked my quries in “ask miss fit ” but when i try to send a mail on the given address it say “invalid”

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