When to Progress with Workout

When to Progress with Workout

Since morning Rati and I were tracking the number of IMBB fans on fb . We were desperately waiting for this number to turn 2 lakhs and as soon as it did, we shouted with excitement. No yelled with delight. No blasted with happiness. Okay, I cannot describe it :P. Now, we are so excited about the GIVEAWAY. Laughter, banter, work and madness. IMBB is about all of this. Loving it!

Anyways, have you seen this advertisement? How I started staring at my dad after watching this video :D :D. I guess all of us can relate to this advertisement.. Hai na? :D :D

My treadmill is literally used for drying clothes :P . As, I love outdoors. Recently, I started going for an evening walk with my 1.5 year old niece. Holding her in my arms, I go for a brisk walk. And sweat out. We laugh and cherish. We talk about the stars and the sky. Ours is growing a very beautiful relationship. I am glad I have got a happy walk partner :). We do nothing fancy but something very effective. As any or no activity both counts towards burning our fat reserves. Do you stay active throughout the day? Do you spend some fun time playing with your kids?

Most of you asked that whatever workout we are doing is right or no? And how shall we progress to a level up?

I would say that please do not rush. There is one very important principal of workout pathshala: We should always increase the intensity of our workout progressively/gradually. Which is quite logical also. Since if we suddenly switch to heavy workout. Then it will impose a lot of demand on our body. Our body will obviously retaliate to it with pain and uneasiness. All that will only demotivate us. You want this to happen? No na?

I would say prepare yourself for a level up. Let your body itself say to you that dude I am ready, offer me something more challenging. So, for a week, resolve to stick to whatever workout you already follow. Do it all hearts. Push yourself each day for this week no matter what. And then let us discuss what your body says.

To see killer results put killer efforts(small or big). Simple! You promise me regularity to healthy diet and good workout this week and I promise to take you a level up. Will also clear some of your myths on localized fat reduction. Game?

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20 Responses to When to Progress with Workout

  1. Ankita says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    I m getting addicted to ur posts and I really feel that I have my own personal trainer in you :-D I have some questions, although not related exactly to this post. I love home-made khana but sometimes office colleagues plan a lunch outside and I have to go too.. :( So in such situations, what exactly can I choose to eat which is considerably less-healthy? And I have decided something big today- reduce 2 cups of tea with 1. Finally, I want to get rid of tea addiction totally. Instead, I can have badam milk or butter-milk. What do u think? Getting rid of tea is a good idea? thanks so much for helping me so much!!! :-D

  2. Ankita says:

    oops….I meant less-unhealthy?? stupid me :(

    • Nidhi says:

      Yayyya Ankita :) Thanks so much :) ..

      You can eat out once in a week ;-) cheat out ;-) I will write a post on the reason soon :)

      Else, go for wheat pasta, sandwitches, roti-daal-less oily sabzi, curd rice etc This is what coming to my mind atm. Will think more on this :)

      All the best muaaah

  3. Rati says:

    great post nidhi. i guess you body tells you when you can take it to the next level. and yay for the 2lakh!! :)) aww i would love to meet your niece :)

  4. Shilpa says:

    thanks fr another much needed post Nidhi :)
    I’m having exams frm next week so I’ll be back after 1st december on this blog.
    I know I’m going to miss out lot of posts…but I promise,I’ll catch up soon after I come back. :)
    All the best for your blog. and will miss your posts and you :(

  5. Ramya says:

    Nice post Nidhi. I guess we sometimes forget to listen to our bodies in the josh of trying new workouts, losing weight for an event etc… :( But thats so important na..
    Nidhi, should I avoid white rice altogether? We have rice at home n I always prepare chapathis for myself but I do like rice as well. I hear so many mixed opinions abt that..

    • Ankita says:

      Hi Ramya….I suffer from the same dilemma all the time…I have always eaten rice at home in the afternoon and roti for dinner…But since the time I started carrying lunch from home, i have been packing rotis for lunch. So I eat rice usually on weekends. I also want an answer on this. Usually I feel lazy after eating rice, feel like sleeping but it keeps me full for a long time (may be bcoz I eat too much :P)

      • Nidhi says:

        Ramya and Ankita,

        Rice is good for proteins esp daal -chawal combo. So, do not avoid it fully. Just that break your meal daal chaawal or roti sabzi as one meal not everything together esp both of you and you parents have been eating it. So, your genes know how to utilize rice.

        Ankita, regulate the size!!! Regulate the GL! Read http://fitness.makeupandbeauty.com/carbs-and-weight-loss/

        • Rati says:

          ramya, I also cannot stay without rice . I LOVE IT!! so the only thing that i do and that has helped is eating rice at night. Eating rice at night bloats me up. Try that! :)

          • Nidhi says:

            Rati ko agar bhagwaan se 1 type ka khaana jisme fat maaf lena ho to wo hoega south indian. Aur mera hoega stuffed parantha :D :D .

            • Ankita says:

              You eat rice at night? I always thought rice is too heavy to eat at night!!
              Nidhi–so chawal, daal and sabzi is too much for 1 meal naa..that i what i always ate!! :(

        • Ramya says:

          Ohhh!! Thanks for the reply Nidhi. This is very helpful. Anyways I would have only Sambar-rice OR chapathi-subzi. Then this seems fine! :)
          Rati, u know, I had stopped eating rice altogether :( But I love rice n didnt know what to do abt it. Now I can eat it! U like south Indian food na :) And nidhi, stuffed Parathas, yummm! Mere hoga Italian, esp pasta! :)

  6. akhila says:

    hey Nidhi, as usual wonderful article. Please write about workout during those days of the month – I am currently down and feel not so good about waking up or being active. Please help

    • Nidhi says:

      Akhila. Just saw normally active. If you do not feel like going for a work out then leave it. Make the most of the other days :)

  7. coralcrue says:

    this blog has come at the perfect time. I have been working out for more than a couple of months now and have reached a plateau where my weight is not budging and I am not as toned as I want to be. The biggest challenge for me is what to eat to have lots of energy during my strenuous workout. I eat well normally and don’t skip any meals but I have a tendency to get breathless if I do not have a good breakfast. I would like to know if there is anything that helps in giving more energy during workout. I do not drink coffee or tea or any stimulants. I have fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in the morning as someone said it will help to build stamina, but that’s not cutting it for me, i feel dead during the workout, there are good days and then there are really bad workout days. I just want to be able to get through my reps. PLease suggest something, I am suffering through my schedules.

    • Nidhi says:

      Ho Coralcrue :) What workout do you follow?
      We need carbs for energy. This is the reason I always ask to eat any fruit before workout. Apart from fruits can have dates, kishmish etc.

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