What are the fitness parameters

What are the fitness parameters

Check out this Reebok zigtech’s advertisement.

Did you check out the female model? Gossh! how briskly and with what stability she does her squats, snatches, box jumps. Respect!  Isn’t she really hot? She is the product of Crossfit training :PSo we have all reasons to believe that all her fitness parameters are taken care of.  Following are the five major parameters that we should improvise on to increase our level of fitness:.. btw, to me this model gives a huge kick to go and train :P

Cardio respiratory fitness: It is the ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the working cells or muscles which are demanding them. How soon do you get tired shopping? Improve your cardio respiratory fitness and shop more.

Muscular strength: The greatest amount of force that a muscle or a group of muscle can exert at one point of time. How many shopping bags can you lift at one point of time? Build muscular strength to lift more.

Muscular endurance: it is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscle to perform a repeated activity over a period of time. Ever played badminton/lawn tennis/TT etc for prolonged hours? Or left the game, fatigued after a small time? Build your endurance and persist more.

Flexibility: it is the ability of the joints to move through their full range of motion (ROM). Ever observed what makes our best bowler throw that smoking spinner? Get flexible and turn, bend and flex more.

And the 5th, the most sought after parameter:

Body Composition: This refers to the fat mass we carry as compared to our total body mass. Those of us, who want to look toned should target  reducing their fat mass and increasing their lean mass(bone and muscles). This increase in lean mass is a consequence of improvements in the first four fitness parameters :). Improve your body composition to burn more.

After having said all this, I want to end this article with, “It is your body, get up ! challenge it, sweat it and discover it”

Cheers to good workout!

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15 Responses to What are the fitness parameters

  1. shashi says:

    awesom!!!!even see is lookin more fitter than the players.
    love the article..

  2. Ush says:

    oh sweet hell.. the model’s squats were so smooth n brisk!! Watched the video again and again for that!! When would there be a crossfit centre in rajasthan???!! :sigh:
    Being back on Miss fit after what seems like almost a month! Had some neck and back pain this week and didn’t get a single day to rest :( skipped workout and did basic stretchings only.

    • Nidhi says:

      Ohh kya hua Ush?

      • Ush says:

        Worked till wee hours for many nights in a stretch…all on laptop so may be bent neck and bad postures triggered the pain. I hate taking meds for any pain! Had to change my pillow from a super comfy feather pillow to a less-softer cotton wala pillow :( can u suggest any good asanas for lower neck, upper back pain?
        Gonna dig out older posts on Miss fit now!

  3. Tusti says:

    Awesome!! The Real Life Examples made it easier to understand, Thank you for the article. :)

  4. Ramya says:

    Nidhi, AWESOME!! :) Loved this post a lot, makes it so much easier to understand which parameter we need improvement in. Mine would be muscular strength.
    BTW, the female model looks smoking hot n I was fida on her movements n ease of working out!! :)

  5. Saumya says:

    Awesome post and that model she is a Brazilian model Bruna Abdullah. she was also seen in I HAte love Stories.. I find her very cute and the work out Mashallah she is superb..

  6. neha says:

    so helpful for newbies like me! especially with the shopping tips :P

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