Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

The “NON-VEG World” and weight gain. Truth/controversy!!

You all must have gone through the times when you get advice on how to lose weight and believe me I used to get loads of them.
So out of all the advices you have got … how many of you find this one familiar. Stop eating Chicken, you will lose weight like anything. Stop eating non veg that is the only reason you are putting on weight. Sounds familiar to you ladies?? Isn’t it?

Now no offence to the Go Green initiative but, I simply loovveeeeeeeeee chicken and I was so not going to give it up thaaaateassssily!! I mean I couldn’t even think of it. So now that you know I cannot live without chicken I obviously had to do a lot of research and prove that I am so right about it.
So let’s get started :)

Does chicken make you gain weight??

No, chicken will not make you gain weight in comparison to red meat. It is a very lean meat however be sure to eat only boneless, skinless chicken. Chicken skin is high in fat and calories. (Yes, it’s ok to just remove the skin once it is cooked if at a restaurant or if someone else cooks for you).

Follow these Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

1. So you know what to avoid now? Red meat and of course the skin if you are having chicken.

2. So now if you keenly recall when you last ate meat, chicken or even fish fingers. Remember the side plate that sits next to it or the small bowl of sauces and dips you have.

Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

3. So they are real culprits… As for you gaining weight; perhaps you might take a closer look at what you’re eating besides the chicken. Starches???? Butters?? Creams?? What about desserts??? Eating chicken did not cause you to gain weight.

Remember the last time you dipped that fish finger or chicken strip In a bowl full of mayo.There is where your calorie counter is running and another dip, and running.


5. A better bet: don’t eat more than a card deck-sized portion at any meal, and make sure you’re having skinless white meat (it’s lower in fat and calories than dark meat).

6. FISH TO THE RESCUE: Science backs up what Grandma said when she told you to eat your fish because it will make you smart! Actually, fish is more than just “brain food”. It has been linked to reversing heart disease, lowering hypertension and preventing cancer, and also they don’t make you out on weight.

7. Also another thing which comes in bonus with it. Eating fish regularly in proportion makes your skin and hair simpllllllllllyyyyyy awesome..!

8. If you are including fish regularly in your diet, please do not fry it… instead have a roasted fish.

9. Avoid eating frozen meat and fish as much as you can. I know , I know it’s hygienic, clean and more importantly easily available. I mean who will take the pain of going to the butchers shop or to the market to get some. Well you need to if you want it. Frozen meat has a lot of preservatives and oils that make you put on weight without doing any good. So please avoid it as much as you can.

So let’s declare all the “NO-CHICKEN” things as rumors and enjoy what you eat.

But…But… But ladies, make it a point to have at least 3-4 meatless days in a week..So that you maintain the balance your body needs and avoid overdoing anything.

So enjoy your food, Have fun, Ciao ;)

Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

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3 Responses to Tips to Eat Chicken and Fish without Gaining Weight

  1. Vani says:

    But why boneless chicken?

  2. Avanti says:

    Because mostly boneless pieces wont include wings and all which have a large amount of skin. Boneless is mostly the white part , most of the times chicken breast.

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