Suji Chapati and Bael ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

Suji Chapati and Bael ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

Suji Chapati and Bel ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

I had a yoga and meditation session today. I was feeling tooo good after the session that I decided to eat something really light and healthy for the dinner. The session got over at 6:00 PM, I had a glass of freshly prepared bael ka sherbet with no added sugars at 6:30PM. Bael ka sherbet is an excellent source of fiber. It is very good for diabetics. And a panacea for constipation. It can even ease chronic constipation hence it is also very good for skin.

Method of Prepration

1. Open the bael and remove the pulp.
2. Soak the pulp in water and mesh it properly in the water.
3. Strain the mixture through a muslin cloth.
4. Discard the pulp and retain the sherbet
5. Serve chilled

We are already aware of the health benefits of suji. We also know it is so light on the stomach. It is rich in Vitamin B, beta carotene, zinc, magnesium, proteins, dietary fiber. We should have suji to build immunity, to complete our protein requirement and to add natural fiber to our meal.

I did not know that we can make chapatis out of suji. Even when I was told that suji can be kneaded easily with water to form a thick tight dough, I did not believe it. I gave it a try today and had it with half a spoon of home made, desi ghee.

Look wise and preparation wise the suji chapati came out so perfect, just like a normal wheat chapati. Also, it tasted yumm. I got over with my dinner at 7:30 PM. It got digested super fast and now I feel so light and energetic :). I loved it.  Try it sometime, hope you will love it too :)

Method Of Preparation

1) Grind normal suji/rawa/semolina to make a very fine powder.
2) Knead this powder with water, to form a dough. The way you knead normal chapati.

The dough looks like this

Suji Chapati and Bel ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

3) Make chapatis out of it. Simple :). Spread some desi ghee over it. It smells and tastes soo nice.

Suji Chapati and Bel ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

This was my light, healthy summer dinner. What was yours?

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26 Responses to Suji Chapati and Bael ka Sherbet: Healthy Cooking

  1. Sumathi says:

    Never tried suji roti.. Would definitely give it a try..
    Never had bael juice either.. It looks pretty good :)

  2. Maria Simon says:


    As far as I know and what I have read is semolina is not good for health like the refined flour. It is a by product of wheat and hence does not give any nutritional value and it is just a stuff to eat!! So I never use semolina, and uses only pearl millet of soughum mixed with wheat power to make chappatis.

    what do you say about this?

  3. Shweta says:

    never even heard of Suji roti. will surely try:)

  4. Rati says:

    you know yesterday only I was asking my fruit wala how to cut open the bael and here I have it. :P I am so going to try suji chapatis… hope I dont fall into making suji halwa afterwards. :P Good one nidhi!! :))

  5. Divya spandana says:

    In fact in my childhood i used to hate bael juice as i was unaware of its benefits, after reading your old post on beal I am having it in this summer after 20 long years, thanks for writing eyeopener post. None of the health blogs emphasize on the benefits of easily available Indian foods/fruits, great work Nidhi!!! Would be very helpful if you include more on ayurvedic herbs and minor cures from them.

    • Nidhi says:

      Thanks Divya :) Means a lot! I have recently started learning on Ayurveda. will slowly start writing whatever I learn and practice :)

  6. Abinaya says:

    My first time commenting on this blog Nidhi :)
    Would you mind telling me what bael is in English? Have never heard of anything called bael :\
    Yum yum I love sooji roti. It tastes delicious with makhani dal!

  7. nidhi says:

    Nyc article Nidhi :) Will try Sooji Chapati for sure :)
    Is bael easily available in market/ fruit shops/vendors??
    And how abt the readymade Bael Sharbet ( syrup) available in market – is it the same thing ??

  8. Grace says:

    never thot of suji chapati…..but i make suji dosa thats so yummmy i always make it when less time more hunger….. :D
    Yesterday i commented first time on this blog……feels good to talk to you people……. :)

  9. Ramya says:

    Sounds delicious Nidhi! :) U have gotten me addicted to multigrain atta chapathis now :P Am gonna try out this asap. I still dont know what is bael :( Even the pics didnt help coz I havent seen it before :P The hunt for it starts now :D
    Nidhi, what r the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass? Am hearing a lot abt it but I wanna ask u first :)

    • Nidhi says:

      Ramya, I also have wheat grass daily first thing in the morning. It is the grass that grows from wheat seeds. Very very rich in chlorphyll and iron. Excellent for anemics. The only problem is to find original version. Try it, it is very good. Prefer powder instead of syrup :)

  10. Divya spandana says:

    Hi Ramya…. do you know kannada? , beal fruit is called as bilwa hannu, leaves of which are offered to lord shiva, another variety of this is called wood appleiand that is called belada hannu , hope this helps you if you know my language :-P

  11. Saumya says:

    OHH MY MY Nidhi this is soo awesome.. Gna give a try today.. thanks a lot for such innovative healthy ideas..

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