Right time to drink Green Tea and Lemon Water: Ask MissFit

Right time to drink Green Tea and Lemon Water: Ask MissFit


Kanupriya raghav asks,

Ok. So I have always been a bit on the ‘healthy’ side, but last one year i gained 10 kgs and now i m 81 kgs and 5’3!! I have recently started doing power yoga.
After hearing a lot about green tea and lemon water and all, i have started taking both.

Now, here is my confusion. I have green tea with little honey first thing in the morning and then do my power yoga and just after that have lemon in normal room temp water. is it okay? or should i have lemon water before yoga and green tea after.

Pls tell me. I need to desperately lose weight before I get a heart attack or diabetes or hi bp.. as I have a family history!! and I m 25 btw..

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  1. Divya says:

    Hi Priya,

    Not sure about the right time to have green tea but I’ve read that having honey & lemon water first thing in the morning helps a lot to reduce weight..reason being this combo increases the body’s metabolism and also helps clean the tummy. I’ve been having this for past few months and I feel its helped my bowel movement a lot if not for the weight loss 😀 (thanks to my sweet tooth and hogging down ice creams..LOL!). More info and tips would be given my our fitness experts here 🙂

  2. Raazia says:

    Dear Kanupriya,
    I understand your anxiety of gaining weight with the lifestyle we lead these days where fast food access has become a fad for many these days.
    Some times as we grow older our body is not the same anymore and in some cases people eat moderately but its the genetics which is the reason for weight gain.
    Its good you are addressing your issues and going for power yoga classes remember yoga is always done under the supervision of professionals.
    I suggest you have organic green tea with lemon and honey every morning two hours before your breakfast. Opting for organic green tea you have high nutrient value without any harm of pesticides.
    As summers are here you can have chilled green tea with flavours mint n lemon etc in evenings preferably decaffeinated tea so the caffeine levels in your body are normal if you are a vivid drinker of coffee and tea.
    You can opt for tulsi organic tea during winters. Always have green tea/white tea two hours before and after meals as it kills the nutrient value of meals. Hope it helps.

    • Simone says:

      I second the statement given above about killing of nutrients.

      White, green and black tea contain tannin which hinders absorption of non-heme iron (iron obtained from plant sources). So, a gap of atleast 45 min should be maintained between an meal and tea to prevent that from happening. You should be specially careful if you are anemic…

  3. gargi sinha says:

    i do not know about relation of green tea and its relation to weight loss. Green tea is a healthy option and you could skip any other unhealthy drink and substitute with green tea. Coming to lemon and honey, the mix increases BMR and thus helps in burning more calories. I always take lemon and honey first in the morning and then go for my swimming or regular exercises. I have lost 14 kgs in 7 months around 2years back and still maintaining my weight.

  4. Sakshi Gupta says:

    green tea has numerous health benefits but it still contains caffeine nd having caffeine first thing in the morning is a bad idea coz caffeine dehydrates our body while it’s necessary to keep your body well hydrated for doing power yoga or any sort of exercises!!
    I have lemon and honey in warm water first thing in the morning or water of fenugreek seeds as both keep my body hydrated for my workout, both help in weight loss, provide me with nutrition as well 🙂

    • shilpa says:

      Hi Sakshi,
      please tell more about honey with leamon water because this suits only to some type of body. one of my freind at gym said she had gained weight after drinking this. can t his be true ?

      • Sakshi Gupta says:

        shilpa .. honey and lemon water definitely helps in weight loss provided it has to be taken in moderation and should b accompanied by regular workouts…
        Honey, apart from numerous other benefits it has, also speeds up our metabolism.. which helps in reducing cellulite .. but it is calorie intensive and should b taken in moderation..
        while preparing your drink mix one spoon honey and a whole lemon.. keep your lemon intake higher than honey as lemon is the most powerful natural detoxifier that v have … for better results add a lil cinnamon too in the solution…
        hope it helps you and feel free to ask further queries 🙂 🙂

  5. Ramya says:

    I dont think its a good idea to have green tea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Its still a tea, and waking up to tea/coffee is bad for the body’s metabolism. U could have it after one of ur mini meals maybe at 11am or 4pm. Warm water with lemon n honey seems to be good for many but neither lemon nor honey suit me as I am prone to acidity n I have pitta dosha. If it suits u, go ahead.

  6. Tara says:

    I would too vouch for lemon in warm water or fenugreek water as best to be taken as the first thing in morning.

  7. Ankita says:

    I think you should start your day with a fruit…green tea is ok as a mid meal but not as soon as you wake up….hope that helps… 🙂

  8. kanupriya says:

    Hey… Thank you so much for your help guys. I have started taking honey and lemon in the morning and green tea later in the day. :-):-)

  9. Green teas are the best for during the day, while in the evening you can better go for a caffeine free flower tea. To have green tea before meal or in empty stomach can cause stomach ache.

  10. Gunjan Kala says:

    Miss Kanupriya…Go For Green Tea With One Spoon Lemon And One Spoon Honey..And Take Maximum 5 Cups Of The Same In A Day, As You Told That Your Weight Is 81 Kg With 5 ft 3 inches Height…Please Take One Cup With Empty Stomach First In The Morning Also…(You Should Be Inbetween 54-58 kg) But The Most Important Thing Is That You Have To Start Exercise And Need To Plan Your Diet. Beacause Your Main Problem Is “FAT” Not Your Weight. Weight Depends Upon Muscles, Bones And Fat Etc. Where Fat Is Totally Harmfull.
    Best Of Luck…

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  13. Heena says:

    Can I drink green tea at night, 1 hr after having dinner..?

  14. Pushp says:

    Very informative..
    I used to have a cup of green tea(tea bag) everyday in evening around 4-5pm.
    Can U please suggest some brands for organic green tea.
    How much green tea should we drink in a day?
    What is the wrong time to drink it?
    Thanks in advance..

  15. Kavita Agrawal says:

    Can luke warm water, lemon nd honey help me to reduce jst my tummy??
    or i will loose weight overall??
    i m nt fat..
    i jst want to get my tummy in shape.

    • Pallavi says:

      Hi Kavita,

      I’m in a similar situation as you. I’ve noticed having half a lemon and half tsp honey in half cup like warm water every day helps in burning the excess fat and keep the energy level for daily activities. It has helped me maintain my weight. Then again regular exercising is mandatory. Green Tea, it should not be had first thing morning. Its a better substitute to coffee, normal milk tea and caffeinated drinks. 🙂

  16. Kavita Agrawal says:

    Pls help frnds.. i m fed up frm my tummy…

  17. Ginia says:

    Thanku.. Evry1 for sharing what u know…. I was confusd whetr 2 tk green tea in empty stomach or not… M confusion is put to an end thanku to all

  18. Vanya Srivastava says:

    Is Green tea really helps in reducing fat??? Anyone experienced it? i just started drinking it 2 times a day..bt m confused….i also take lemon water in morning..bt widout honey..lemon water also works na??

    • Pallavi says:

      Hi Vanya,

      Green Tea helps in ‘not’adding the fat that could be added due to coffee, milk tea and caffeinated drinks.

      • Heyi.
        Plz tell me can I take green tea with the continuity of cinaamon tea as I m already having cinnamon with honey tea in morning.. plz tel me gyz for specially my tummy n waist loss

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  20. Reeta says:

    I always drink green tea+lemon after dinner,is it safe?

  21. prabhu krishnan says:

    dear all,

    Green tea increases your metabolism and also reduces bad cholesterol(especially in artery valves) from our body.Also it fights against free radicals and stops aging process.Studies says that it kills cancer cells,maintains BP,and removes toxins from our body.Due to increase in metabolism and burning of cholesterol the weight automatically reduced and we look fit.Do keep drinking it daily as it contains poly-phenols and catechins which has high anti-oxidants and boosts out immune system.

  22. akhila says:

    I heard lot about green tea with honey and lemon…but i have doubt that honey cant mix when green tea or water is hot…if honey mixed in hot water of green tea it will loss several enzymes…is is true??

    can u plz explain how to add honey and lemon to green tea??

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