Post Festive Season Stomach Problems

Post Festive Season Stomach Problems

How are we feeling today? Bloated? Constipated? :D. Any of these problems are so obvious post festive season. As we all cannot help but indulge ourselves in all kinds of food during Diwali, with a thought that we will get back to normal diet post all festivals. After having  loads of fun, haphazard sleep timings, overeating etc etc, today I am back in the let me get to normal mode :P. This is what I am specifically doing.

1. Sit in vajrasana for sometime after every meal.
During diwali we eat so many different things. Some of them might be cold in nature like rice, ice creams, cold drinks and some of them might me warm in nature like coffee, dry fruits etc All of this obviously disrupts our digestive fire. Vajrasana is bang on to raise our digestive fire.

2. Drink green tea instead of coffee or tea.
Green tea is a very good antioxidants. Due to all that eating here and there during diwali and due to all the pollution from the crackers. Our body might have developed a lot of free radicals. To combat which green tea is a very good solution. Drink it in between meals. It is very good for constipation also.

3. Drink water.

This avoids all water retention and provides all cleaning to the body.

4. Avoid Fattening Foods or foods that are not very good of our stomach.
Read here

5. Sleep tight.
As during good tight sleep. Our body tends to bring our system back to normal.

6. Workout:
No better way to get that fat, toxins and laziness moving out of our bodies.

7. Supplement your diet with Omega 3 fatty acids:
Since they are good for cleaning our system Read here

8. Eat small nutritious meal every 2 hours.
As small frequent meals help increase our meatbolic rate.
Read here

9. Finish dinner early.

As this way our body gets enough time to digest all day’s food till the next meal next morning.


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7 Responses to Post Festive Season Stomach Problems

  1. soni says:

    hey!!i don eat much buh i go on goin fat!! i jus eat!!nl no oily food jus normal goin big!!pls help me !!as i wnt thrw ur diet plans buh stil.i need ur help!!reply soon!

    • Nidhi says:

      Hi Soni .. I will be glad to help. Have you been through previous posts? Do you workout? What do you eat throughout the day :)

  2. pinki says:

    hi i am a 21yr n i wont to reduce my belly fat in a natural way…plz tell me

  3. janu sri says:

    hai everybody laugh always and be healthy keepsmiling…….

  4. sreya says:

    a realllyyyy nice article darling :) :) i am loving it :) :P

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