My Weight Gain Confession

My Weight Gain Confession

My Weight Gain Confession

My Weight Loss Confessions

Heylo Everyone, I am not able to spend a lot of time on the blog due to some alterations in life. But honestly, I miss talking to everyone. I miss reading so many articles and mails that I get. I will try to settle down within this week. My sorry to you ji :D..

Weight gain Confession? Yoo! Since, I was trying to do this and that and all that (exercises) in last couple of months, plus I had to a lot of travelling and there was no proper food as I was staying away from home. So I lost weight, I lost the glow of my skin. And I started looking like a kamzoor bacha :P. I thought of taking a break. I came back home, stopped the rush and lived in peace for some days. I also tried to figure out how to gain weight healthily. As I have a good metabolic rate, I love to stay uber active and I cannot live without exercises esp running so it was not easy peasy for me to come out of skinny me and to get back my glow.

“It is better said than done”, a very common proverb and very true too. I have asked so many females here to do certain things to gain weight. Now the challenge on me was to fix myself a diet and exercise plan and than follow it.

Well well, I am successfully able to achieve what I wanted to in a month and a half time so thought I will share it. You know I hated that feeling when my pants become really lose πŸ˜› My cup size dropped to that of a school going girl πŸ˜€ . and my skin looked dull πŸ˜›

Here is what I did

1. Got up, drank warm water, freshen up and had a fruit.

2. My workout had less of cardio. except for thrice in a week running because I cannot afford to lose my stamina.

3. I did yoga, pilates, free weights and compound exercises. I did push ups and suryanamaskars for toning up my breasts.

4. Breakfast was paranthas and curd, stuffed paranthas πŸ˜›

5. Mango shake after 2 hours. Big glass πŸ˜›

6. Lunch after two hours: daal, chawal, chapati, sabzi, curd (white rice and multigrain chapati)

7. Peanuts and raw coconut or pohaΒ after two hours

8. Any fruit or dates after 2 hours

9. Dinner chapati and sabzi.

10. After running a glass of milk.

I use to add protein shake to my mango shakes on some days. Or else would eat raw home made cottage cheese with my breakfast.

Basically I increased my calorie intake for that increased my portion size and increased the protein and good fat content in my diet. I Β made my workout more strength based. I also did a lot of pranayams and breathing exercises to calm down my mind.

Well I am back to my normal size and my skin is also normal again πŸ™‚

My mistake was that I was not accompanying a lot of exercises with appropriate nutrition. But I have got my lesson now. I will start my trainings again soon and have already fixed my eating chart. I have realized that I really do not want to look skinny. I love to look muscular, healthy and glowing.

Hope this helps many girls trying to gain weight.


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50 Responses to My Weight Gain Confession

  1. Meenakshi says:

    Nidhi..I always lose weight from my in it becomes that pichkooo…and glow goes off…rest of the body also loses but less than my face..what do i do?

  2. Meenakshi says:

    Btw very nice article…you have described everything so honestly and sweetly

  3. Lodhiya says:

    superb! article…u have mentioned multi grain roti. ppl like me who live in abroad,who cant take the advantage of 100% chaki ka atta..
    i do know we get bajra flour here… bt wat else should i be adding?

  4. Tusti says:

    hmmm… Nice writing. Really surprised to find anyone fit wanted to be gain weight πŸ˜‰
    BTW, I thing eating every 2 hours really helps to lose weight more than following a Diet chart. I gave already started this practice, all credit goes to Miss Fit & Rujuta πŸ˜€ Let’s see will it work for me or not (Finger crossed)

    • Tusti says:

      Again typo mistakes :@

      hmmm… Nice writing. Really surprised to find anyone fit wanted to gain weight πŸ˜‰
      BTW, I think eating every 2 hours really helps to lose weight more than following a Diet chart. I have already started this practice, all credit goes to Miss Fit & Rujuta πŸ˜€ Let’s see will it work for me or not (Finger crossed)

  5. Anita says:

    Hey Nidhi, why do you eat white rice, i think it’s not an healthy option then why.. and what do you stuff in your paranthas and what is raw coconut.

  6. Arzoo says:

    Nidhi sorry the name got typed mistakenly, it’s me and the question was asked by me..

    • Arzoo says:

      Why do you eat white rice when it’s not an healthy option and what is raw coconut and what do you stuff in your paranthas..

  7. Shruti says:

    Kuch thaan lo to ho hi jata hai, you are such a good example πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I had fun reading it! And its almost time to sleep, but as I read your food, I am hungry all of a sudden 😐 Now let me go and get that piece of dark choc, small only πŸ˜› but yeah need one!

    I miss ghar ke stuffed parathas, esp matter ke parathe πŸ™ Ladki, don’t ppost about food at night πŸ˜›

    That aside I’m happy you figured everything out and are going to settle things on your side pretty soon and end the chaos!
    Love <3

    • Nidhi says:

      Thankoo Shruti.. You know I was missing you all soo much.. I thought of putting somebody else’s post but then I wanted to talk with you all toh I wrote this .. Finally 2 or 3 days more I will take to settle down ..mattar ke parantha are yummmmyy.. hehhe which dark choco you eat? I love lindt also tried one chocolate with 80% cocoa some days back.. Shruti raat ko choco nai. It is a aphrodisiac you know πŸ˜› πŸ˜› lolllzz

      • Shruti says:

        So cute lah you πŸ˜€ I’m happy you write this, keeps refreshing the connection between all of us πŸ™‚ Goood! So next week you’ll be at peace!

        I eat same to same πŸ˜€ Lindt 80% yayy πŸ˜€ I tried 70 and 99 both didn’t like, 80 works best for me! And what can I do, you mentioned Mango shake, dates et all, everything I love. I have you to blame πŸ˜›

  8. Ankita says:

    Whenever my pant becomes loose. I m jumping with joy…Haahaaaa… πŸ™‚ but yeah, you should really not lose weight… πŸ™‚ if I think about it seriously even I would not want to become like a stick, I would rather have a little bit of Xtra weight, but I want to look toned, fresh and super active πŸ™‚

  9. Sahiba says:

    yeah you have to look healthy and glowy… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ me don’t like you going skinny… πŸ™
    n mango shake.. πŸ˜› cant live without it.. but sadly mango season is almost gone now na… me sad.. πŸ™

    • Nidhi says:

      almost gone nai yaaa Sahibu gone hi hai ab tohh :(.. I will start banana, strwaberry, protein shake smoothies now πŸ˜› post workout

  10. nidhi says:

    What an honest article sir jee… oops madam jee πŸ˜›
    You should have posted couple of before after pics also na… πŸ™‚
    Yup me too dont like the skinny look… πŸ™‚
    Keep eating and keep glowing πŸ™‚

    • Nidhi says:

      nidhi, I attended one of my friend wedding in mid july. I will ask her for before pics and the rakshabandhan pic would suffice as after pic πŸ˜€

  11. Shivani says:

    Great one, Nidhi! Will forward to Akanchha and I’ll also use some of the tips for myself. I have lost 3-4 kgs in the last two months and looking “beemar” type. This is all because of my bad schedule these days..waking up at 11-12. Eating breakfast too late and too little, no lunch, no evening snacks. Big drop in metabolism πŸ™

  12. Neetu says:

    so true nidhi.. if we simply loose wt we tend to loose natural skin glow gradually.. πŸ˜› it happened wid me also when I was skinny even my face was skinny and emotionless. πŸ˜› bt now as I gained kilos I feel look little better..
    The best part of ur side is you realies wts worng in ur routine know. Many times we donot know whats wrong and we are clueless thereafter whr to start from.. Truly Hats off to ur effort and spirit nidhi.. thumbs up!
    We have lot to talk about and learn form each other.. πŸ™‚ keep up the good work!!

  13. Rama says:

    Nidhi…nice post..u know i become so happy wen my pants becomes loose..for two reason..i m shedding off and i can buy new pant..hehehhe
    and weight training..u knw wat..wen i do weights in my gym(i wrkout in my office gym), the guys there stare at me as if i m committing a crime..i feel bad and i cannot do..:(

    • Nidhi says:

      hahahah Rama, I hav faced that situation in my city. I had to convince myself to be there every morning but that was the initial phase now I do not care πŸ˜€

  14. Vinita Kochhar says:

    So sad that u lost weight in between!!! Hota hai , ur weight gain plan is really good! Great that u shared them. Thanks!!

  15. Ramya says:

    Soooper post Nidhi!! I loved ur diet. Its full of yummy yummy khaana. Now I also want them but I need to lose weight not gain 😐
    I missed ur posts. I havent been giving enough attention to food n workouts of late.. Even to skin n hair πŸ™ Not eating unhealthy as such but not nutritious food either πŸ™ Somehow kuch problems ke wajah se I had completely lost interest in myself .. Now I look terrible with dark circles n dull skin n acne πŸ™
    This post motivated me now. πŸ™‚ I want a good looong workout today πŸ™‚
    And I was ranting again… This became a mini post πŸ˜›

  16. megha says:

    amazing post nidhi. u also had paranthas in breakfast? πŸ™‚ great..

  17. Neha says:

    wow mango shake yum yum nidhi… can u suggest a similar diet plan for losing weight also..hope u will get ur glow back soon

  18. Navya says:

    Now this is what I was looking for. I am on “mission weight gain” and started weight training last month. I always had this misconception that gymming results in losing weight. But here I go. I gained 2 kgs in one month. But I struggle to eat. I just can’t eat at all. I take protein shakes and other high protein snack bars. But since you shared this meal plan, let me try this. Because the artificial proteins have already messed up my stomach. Thanks a lot once again Nidhi. Really appreciate.

  19. neha says:

    Thanks alot nidhi for the post i really needed it…From last few months i looked so skinny..which even embarrass me to go outside.. But i guess i could be benefited.
    Well soon i’ll try all this..
    Once again thanks…

  20. tripti says:

    hii nidhi…….i m 25 yr old n having weight only 35,gv me some idea to weight gymiing help me??

  21. Uma says:

    Nidhi, I am currently working out to lose weight. I have read many articles on the importance of protein in weight lose. I am a vegetarian and I was once suggested to take protein shake after my work outs. Can you please advice is it safe and necessary to take protein supplements and if yes, plz suggest me which ones to take.

    Many Thanks

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