Merengue Bachata Cha cha for Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

Merengue Bachata Cha cha for Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

I have been practicing basic steps of some of the dance forms so that I can use them to design some of my cardio classes.  Just practicing these small videos left me burning. As in they left me sweating so much :P .  I thought of sharing these videos with you.

If you love dancing then you can try learning different dance forms on your own through you tube or some classes. This will help you burn a lot of calories. Also, you will learn a skill and above all I believe dancing is the best way to express ourselves. It can make any women feel sexy esp if she can dance wearing heels!

Zumba is a form of  workout that uses various dance forms to help burn calories. It uses the basic steps of famous dance forms. It couples these basic steps with hands, hips, chest etc movements that help muscle toning. So, while we are busy doing Zumba. We get to learn the basic steps of merenge, bachata or chacha’s along with burning  calories and  toning muscles. Isn’t it terrific?

Check out these video:

Zumba Steps : Merenge + Bachata+ chacha+ mambo

Enjoy your dance. Cheers!

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9 Responses to Merengue Bachata Cha cha for Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

  1. farah sheikh says:


  2. Ramya says:

    Awesome Nidhi. I wish I could dance well but am a terrible dancer. But I still love Zumba!! :D Its like I forget how I look.

  3. Ankita says:

    I do Zumba every Saturday….it’s fun :)

  4. Jabberwocky says:

    I am as much of a dancer as a clumsy rhinoceros. I DO love Zumba though. I used to do it every day when I first discovered and it made me. Unfortunately, it also made me lose a lot of weight giving me a pinched look and I had to restrict it to doing it once in 10 days or so. :| So, I suppose that dance is indeed an excellent way to burn off fat for those who are looking for lose kilos.

  5. Leez says:

    Thanks for the videos! I’m a clumsy dancer too, much like a bull in a china shop but Imma try zumba. :)
    Oh on a totally unrelated note, is it safe to have a big time gap between dinner and breakfast the next day? Say I have dinner at 8pm and breakfast at 8am, isn’t 12 hours an awfully long gap, or is it perfectly fine?

    • Nidhi says:

      It is okay Leez.. If you did not feel hungry in that period because you were sleeping tight or doing something in that period :)

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