Is getting a personal trainer worth it?: Ask MissFit


Shruti asks,

I wanted to ask, that I am a gym regular, I’ve been working out good for the last 4 months (watched diet too), but I haven’t seen any change. Though I did lose weight easily before that, seems I have hit a plateau. Also I don’t feel like going going to the gym anymore (lack of motivation), hence, I am considering getting a personal trainer.

Given that personal trainers are so expensive and I’ll be shelling a good chunk of my paycheck on him/her, I wanted to ask if getting one is worth it? Would be great if you can share from your personal experience, other MissFit members/readers, also please share.

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5 Responses to Is getting a personal trainer worth it?: Ask MissFit

  1. Jovina says:

    Personally to me, having a trainer is a luxury no a necessity. From what you said you seemed to hit the boredom of doing same thing over and over again. You know you can always change your routine from your normal gym to kick boxing classes, zumba classes or any other classes that requires physical activity. So all the best to you Shruti.

  2. Ramya says:

    I workout with a personal trainer. I feel it makes a lot of difference. It adds structure and discipline to ur routine, and u can attempt more challenging stuff. Example, when we work out alone we might not challenge ourselves enough. Or we might be scared of pushing ourselves for fear of injury. A good personal trainer helps u to grow, avoid plateaus, challenge ur body and gives the extra motivation.
    But if u already have a good knowledge of fitness, are able to motivate urself and know what works for ur body, u might not need one.
    Finding the right trainer is important too. Remember u have to be comfortable with ur trainer enough to tell him/her any problems u might have with ur body.
    Why dont u try having a personal trainer for a couple of months and decide?

  3. Ankita says:

    Hi Shruti….
    A trainer will help you challenge yourself and help you with the workout…but u have to motivate yourself. :) If you can afford, trainer is a good investment… :)

  4. Ush says:

    Hi Shruti…
    I used to work out in gym for past many years and always opted for a personal trainer. They are a tad bit expensive but the weight, strength training they make you do is far better you would do by yourself alone. They do put in variety in your workout so that your body keeps guessing and does not become habitual of a particular routine. If you lack motivation, they are of great help (mine was very very strict!!! :) ) and also they take care that you don’t pull a wrong muscle.
    However, after doing workout with a personal trainer for so many years, I am now quite aware of what workout routine i should follow on day-basis and how it needs to be done. So this year I have quit going to the gym and started working out at home with a treadmill, a spinning cycle, a yoga mat and a few dumbells :) the rest exercises I can do on my own.
    So the point is, being a starter you should prefer for a personal trainer (PT) if you can for understanding the exercises and your body needs. Do keep questioning him about each exercise like which muscle are being worked out with a particular exercise etc. I started with PT 6 days a week and after an year shifted to alternate days PT.
    Hope this helps :)

    • Nidhi says:

      Rightly said Ush, a good personal trainer makes a huge difference to your fitness goals for that you need to keep asking him questions.

      Find a good trainer and try it for a month.. :)

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