How to use Mouthwash Correctly

How to use Mouthwash Correctly

How to use Mouthwash Correctly

Hello gurlies. My lovely friend sahiba has shared with you lots of information on good oral habits and many of you have inculcated the habit of regular brushing and flossing in your daily routine. To this I would like to add up one more habit of using mouthwash.

I am not saying mouthwash cannot replace your daily routine of brushing and flossing but it can help you in one major aspect: to combat the bad breath. You know how embarrassing it can be when you have a bad breath and people avoid talking to you.

So mouthwashes are a great help in freshening up your breath. Not only this, there are certain mouthwashes available in the market for special needs like sensitivity or for braces.

Benefits of using mouthwash:

How to use Mouthwash Correctly

You must have seen the advertisement of a mouthwash saying: aapka brush sb jagah nahi pahunch sakta.So here comes the role of mouthwash:

• As mentioned above, freshening the breath

• Loosen the food debris on and between the teeth

• Prevents the plaque build up

• Helps in reduction of no. of cavity formation

• Beneficial during your wisdom tooth eruption as we are not able to properly clean the tooth with the brush because of its position.

• Lastly it takes less than a minute to have a good impact on your oral hygiene. :)

Before implementing these mouth washes in your daily routine, here are certain points you should keep in mind:

• Use the right amount:

We have tendency to buy large bottles but I would suggest you to buy a dispenser along with it. This gives us an assurance that we are using the right amount of mouthwash .not only this, these dispensers prevent the spilling and wasting of the mouthwash.

• Dilute if necessary:

Before using the mouthwash girls, do read the instructions to use given on the label. Different brands have different recommendations of use. If the label does not tell you to dilute, then you may not get the full benefit of the mouthwash if the germ killing ingredients are at lower concentration.

• Now one of the most important way of using the mouthwash is the duration for which it is used. Usual recommendation is swishing for 30seconds to 1 min the mouth and then spit it out. For this again, whichever brand you opt for, read the label properly to have an effective result.

Most important of all in the use of mouthwashes is: Never swallow mouthwash

General rule to use mouthwash: swish and spit out. Whenever you use it, don’t let family members distract you, because you might swallow instead of spitting it out. Shut the door and with full attention follow your oral hygiene routine. Always supervise the kids if they are using the mouthwash with you. Mouthwashes are not recommended for children below the age of 6 years.

Lastly friends like you follow your daily routine for very workout and your diet, oral hygiene should also be followed with full dedication. It should include brushing twice daily, flossing and last of all mouth rinse. This won’t only give you a confidence of bright smile but also a freshening experience you would love. Till then keep smiling and spreading the joy.

How to use Mouthwash Correctly

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Megha is a dentist based out of Chandigarh.

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20 Responses to How to use Mouthwash Correctly

  1. Shreyashi says:

    Thank you so much Megha! :) Lovely article! Can you tell me the scientific reason why you’re advising NO swallowing at all? What exactly happens if we swallow a little bit by mistake?

    • preeti says:

      it is not to b swallowed since it contain ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

    • megha says:

      hey shreyasi..thank you. if by chance you swallow a small amount of mouthwash, that should not to be a cause of worry. in this case there may be nausea or diarrhea which should subside after a while. if not them immediately consult your physician. why? because many mouthwashes do contain flouride and ethanol, which are poisonous when ingested in large amounts. so be careful :)

  2. Nidhi says:

    Nice one Megha.. Could you suggest the best mouthwash.. I am not very regular with mouth wash I use it once in a while but I am regular with brushing twice and flossing :P

    • megha says:

      thank you nidhi. i would suggest listerine cool mint :) its very refreshing and also (ADA) american dental association approved. the most influencing body in dentistry..

  3. alpa says:

    HI My doc suggested to rather brush regularly, and that regular long term using of mouth wash can cause mouth cancer … how far is this true?

    • Nidhi says:

      Is it?? Megha, Sahiba help!

      • Sahiba says:

        Hi Alpa… we recommend you to use a mouth wash not more than twice a day… because chemical action is not required on your teeth beyond that… also there are mild essential oil mouthwashes and a bit stronger ones which contain chlorhexidine…(check miss fit’s fb updates section) but it can in no way cause cancer… check with your doc once again.. there might be some confusion… it does not cause cancer…

        • Sahiba says:

          people or journals who state that mouthwashes can cause cancer are directing solely towards alcohol containing mouthwashes and that too with continuous over-use every day for years… where actually we do not recommend you to use it beyond a limit of once or twice in a day…

  4. Rama says:

    Nicely written Megha…and like u said I make sureno one distracts me..i m afraid of swallowing ;)

  5. Ankita says:

    I do use mouthwashes but not on daily basis :( Will totally keep your points in mind….nice article :)

  6. Vaishnavi says:

    I don’t do it very often either, hate the stinging sensation

  7. coralcrue says:

    Can you suggest a fairly mild mouthwash brand? I use popular drugstore brands and they all burn my mouth

  8. Joe says:

    Hello there! Just wanted to add a tip. Mouthwashes should not be used immediately after brushing since ingredients in the paste will interact with those of the mouthwash rendering them ineffective. So ideally, leave a gap of half an hour between the two.

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