How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

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Women are more or less always a victim of blood and calcium deficiency. Especially as you advance to your menopause stage, there is heavy calcium loss making your bones and teeth weak. So today I will be talking of a calcium rich source which can help you overcome such a problem.

How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

Sesame enhances strength, improves memory and digestive powers. It helps in vat–dosha related problems. Three varieties of sesame are available- white, black and red out of which black ones are the most superior.

How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

The most amazing fact is that 100 grams of sesame contain 1450mg of calcium. That is the reason it strengthens bones, joints, hair and teeth. (See I never miss out teeth in any of my posts :P )

According to ayurveda, sesame oil is the best among all other varieties of oils in terms of health benefits. It fights vaayu related problems and treats them from their very origin in the body. It aids in quick healing of broken bones/fractures. It balances the body weight too. Having body massage with sesame oil followed by a good bath keeps your skin soft and glowy. Your skin will not sag before time.

How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

Six ways where sesame works as a medication:

• Chew 15-25 grams black sesame early morning and drink cold water on top of that. This will strengthen your body specially bones, joints and hair.

• To build strength in an otherwise weak body:

Soak white sesame, strain and crush them to make a milky paste kind of thing. Take 50-100 grams of this milky paste and add 25-50 grams of jaggery in it and have daily. Follow this routine with 12 suryanamaskars. This will strengthen your bodies.

• Have body massages preferably with sesame oil. This strengthens your muscles and provides calcium to your bones and joints.

• Once in a week, rub sesame oil on your teeth. If you can, do gargles with sesame oil 2-3 times, that is even better. Sesame has amazing penetration power that is the reason it benefits even on external application-be it teeth or joints.

• Heat some sesame (without oil) in a pan. Mix jaggery and ghee to it and make round balls out of this mixture. Chew one such ball daily in the morning. This will take away all your body’s weaknesses and strengthen your mind too. Do not take more than one.

How to Eat Sesame Seeds and Its Health Benefits

• Mix one spoon each of sesame and desi ghee and have this mixture 2-3 times a day (preferably in winters because having this amount of sesame in summers will cause heat accumulation in the body). This treats old constipation, piles and digestion problems.
Quantity to be taken: approximately 10-25 grams. Do not exceed this quantity in a hoard to treat problems at a faster pace. Everything treats you positively only if taken in limits.






Important point:

Sesame seeds have an outer layering of oxalic acid which prevents the absorption of calcium by the body. That is the reason you should soak them first say for around 10 minutes, rub them with your hands so that their outer covering is removed and then put them to use.


• People having tendency of heat accumulation and pregnant ladies should have it in a very less quantity say around 10 grams only. You may even avoid till July end. You can preferably have it in august and the following months to avoid the heat problem.

• Having more than the above said quantity can affect your eyes.

• Grandparents say sesame and foods made with sesame should not be taken at night after 7 p.m.. I believe in it, so I have shared it here.

Hope this helps.
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Dr Sahiba Wadhwa is an intern in a BDS college

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  1. Vinita Kochhar says:

    :) Nice post! Will surely make it a part of the diet once the summers are over…. btw it is raining in Chennai…thank God!

  2. Sahiba says:

    it rained here too in north..yesterday… we got a bit of relief… yeaahh.. :D :D
    thanku.. :)

  3. pavitra says:

    very nice post .

  4. Nidhi says:

    Sahiba, sesame oil is tooo good for massage. Its continous use erases stretch marks. I add Sesame seeds in my curd. Will try the paste tip .. Thanks for your informative articles :)

  5. manasa says:

    liked your post !
    Now preparing sesame balls, Thanks for sharing this post

  6. Venetha says:

    Sesame seed balls are oh soo delicious :) it help overcome irregular menstrual cycles too .. Thanks for reminding us about this kitchen essential :)

  7. Neetu says:

    Aww.. I shud try to use sesame seeds regularly nw.. today onli I had sesame seds wid jaggery to get my periods sooner as I missed them this time.. :p worth reading tips dear..

  8. martina says:

    “See I never miss out teeth in any of my posts “- dat is very hillarious dr. sahiba :D….. i had never knew dat sesame seeds have so much beneficial factor in dis..luvd d post its really very beneficial for us..:) . n i luv til ke laddu ;) :D

  9. Ramya says:

    Superb post Sahiba!! I was advised to take til concoction when I sufferedfrom irregular periods, n ur article helped me understand why.. Very very valuable info u have shared :-)

  10. Chandan kaur says:

    Great post Sahiba.. Loved it!

  11. Kate says:

    I really enjoy sesame seeds and use them all the time in my cooking. I sprinkle toasted seeds on my salads and other dishes and meats. I also cook frequently using tahini (sesame paste). I’m glad to learn of all of the nice health benefits that go along with sesame!

  12. Shivani says:

    Hiii sahiba…very gud post…mere papa ki joints main pain rehta i recomend them to use it in their diet…u did a great job..keep it up…:)

  13. satinder kaur says:

    great post ….thank u sahiba…beneficial for all….I’m diabetic… how can i take this…I’m also having hypothyroid

  14. Shibani says:

    This Information helped a lot. Thanks Sahiba :)

  15. Maria says:

    Dear Sahiba,

    oh dear, though I have been urgently advised to chew on black sesame seeds for my dental problems, I’m confused by your instructions: you advise chewing them in the morning (calcium) but also caution against eating them without rubbing off the outer shell that otherwise prevents calcium absorption??

  16. sumit says:

    Dear Shiba,

    Thanks for the great post…I als would like to chew black sesame seeds for my hair and dental problem.. I’m also confused by your instruction whether should i soak them,rub them and chew or directly… Please suggest……

  17. priya says:

    Is black sesame seeds with jaggery helps to reduce weight?

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