How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

Whenever I dine out, I never bother and eat whatever I like, keeping in mind that I won’t over eat. But I do this only on my cheat days. What to do when you have to dine out on days other than your cheat days say, for office parties, friend’s marriages etc.

Phew, so I came up with a solution.

1. Choose Clear Soups:

How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

I am a vegetarian by choice which becomes a problem at times, because I would have options of heavy cornflour laden soups, like sweet corn, cream of tomato (how much I love tomato soup)! So I stick to shorba’s, clear vegetable soups, or broths. I even add freshly ground black pepper to my soup. It is simply superb. Fill my stomach up by 1/4th measure and I can gorge on those other snacks in proportion :D

2. Grilled over fried:

I know, we all love the fried snacks once in a while, but nothing is safer and healthier (less toxic) than homemade fried stuff once a while. And being a vegetarian, I am offered a lot of fried kebabs, chilly potatoes, whatever vegetable you know in life is God Damn fried in my plate! :)

How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

In that case, I opt for char-grilled broccoli, paneer tikka, vegetable tikka not fired, or sauted vegetables. I usually pick up salad sticks and dips also. If you have an option of Lebanese counters, take whole wheat pita bread, hummus, babaganoush. In Italian cuisine, cold cuts, whole wheat crackers with some cheese also helps. If Japanese, try vegetarian Sushi (please note the seaweed wrapped to the rice may smell of sea food for obvious reasons, but is vegetarian) along with spiced ginger.

3. Opt for digestive drinks:

If you are a teetotaler, then opt for lemonade, ginger ale, buttermilk, coconut water which aid indigestion. I am not a big supporter of fresh juices to be mixed along with the food. Some of these combinations can be worrisome for our digestion.

4.Opt for south Indian food rather than north Indian gravies:

How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

I usually find steamed idlis really the best meal ever. We north Indians get enough doze of healthy mom made gravies at home, which is essential considering the tadka, the tempering and not to forget the love of ghee. But does the same amount of quality go into your commercial hotels.

I love some south Indian restaurants in Delhi, which is Sarvana Bhavan in CP or Dakshin. I love going to these once in a while. I even eat appams with stew.

At times, we have no option but to have north Indian food, in that case I chose seasonal vegetables along with whole wheat or missi rotis. I squeeze lemon on these vegetables and eat them at leisure. I usually skip Daals. I never take Naans :p
Some of a my family member tease me, that how about a M Burger ;) and I just smile away :)

5. Eat local:

When I am travelling, considering the season, I opt for what is served as a staple dish there. I have stayed in Pune for many years. Thus, I enjoyed Pithla Bhakri, Thalipeeth, Poha, jowar bhakri with thecha. I got to eat best quality food because it was locally grown and made with love. I even try these dishes at home now :P

Therefore, if you are travelling to say Leh, Ladhakh, have momos, thupkas or what is served locally. At such high altitudes, you need to keep warm and this kind food is suitable.

This is the best way to keep fit and yet enjoy what is served in different parts of India. Moreover, the foreigners who come to India love the idea of having idlis, dosa’s, chicken curry etc. Then why do we shy away from this!

Thus, if you are going to travel abroad, please don’t hunt for your desi khana there, instead try their healthy fruits and vegetables for a change. It will suit you there while you are in that continent.

I am a big foodie, some of my family members would laugh when they read this, specially my dad. But my mom would vouch for it. She knows how much I love her Kadi, Rajma, kali daal, paranthas. I never say no to home made fresh food. I have my principles of eating right and once in a while give in to cheating :P

I reward myself with sweets after a heavy workout (sometimes); I bite into dark chocolates which keeps my sweet pangs at bay. I even love mom made kheer, halwa etc., but I eat them as a meal on its own.

More on desserts later,

till then much love to all.
You guys make my life a wonderful place to be.


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Vrinda is a fitness enthusiast. She is an advocate by profession, a tax consultant working with a law firm in Delhi. She workout in the gym and does yoga on the weekends. When she wanted to lose weight, she consulted one of the very famous dietitian of India to fix a diet plan for herself.

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22 Responses to How to Eat Healthy when Eating Out

  1. Nidhi says:

    Very very nice post Vrinda..superb points!

  2. Ankita says:

    superb article Vrinda n much needed… :) I try to follow most of these :) Thankfully, I love grilled items like paneer tikka, veggie tikka etc.. :)

  3. Vinita Kochhar says:

    Nice article Vrinda! I enjoy home cooked food more coz I know it is made with lots of love. But once in a while eating out is allowed :P I liked your tips very much. I too like dosas but the one that mamma makes at home have very less oil in them.

  4. Disha says:

    Amazing post Vrinda, in fact a much needed one. If eating North Indian I usually go for yellow dal rather than the usual dal makhani.

  5. Rama says:

    Appam n favorite combo…you make me feel hungry now..heheheh

  6. megha says:

    hey vrinda..lov..even i have heard while on your way to ladakh momos are readily available..n also magggiiii :) lovely post

  7. Sahiba says:

    veery nicely written Vrinda.. :) :)

  8. Shruti says:

    Practical tips. Something we should ideally abide to but fall victim to the cravings :( *sob* *sob* and I want to eat Idli now! I was going to sleep zzzz and you girls made me all hungry!!! Arghh :P I am kidding but I am hungry!

    Good for people like me living away from home who eat out 10 out of 14 times a week (breakfast is always at home, so not counted) Thanks!

  9. Neetu says:

    wow i love momos and thuppas.. you have pointed very brilliant ideas vrinda. I will take care of them while eating pout now.. :) Thank god we had grilled food last weekend. wud opt for it more often now..

  10. Neha says:

    very nice points.. and thanks for the restaurant options you have given.. i was always confused about how to choose healthy food there :)

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