Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

One of the reader, Khushi sent me this image, asking the pros and cons of this machine. I promised her that I will write on it. So you see, I am fulfilling my promise :) Ohh well that machine is called the Home Gym Exercise Equipment

This probably is the machine with which I started weight training, ages back :P. Before I get onto the pros and cons of this machine, let me first discuss a few other things about the home gym equipment. It has a seat to sit and a weight panel, packed with weights. Each weight in the weight panel, has a circular shallow space, where a rod can be inserted to fix the amount of weights that one wants to lift.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

It can be used to weight train the upper and lower body muscles, in isolation. As in, you fix yourself on the seat, fix the amount of weights that you want to lift and then use either your leg, back, chest muscles’ strength to pull the weights. Simlpaam :P

Now the exercises with Home Gym Equipment

1) Lat Pull Down

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Pect fly for the chest (sagging breats).

Pect fly for Pectoalis muscles. It works the trapezius muscles also.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

See image below for lattisimus dorsi and trapezius muscles

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

In both the above exercises together, biceps and deltoid muscles are also worked, to a lesser extent though. Check out the image for deltoids.

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

3. Leg Raise

images (2)

4) Rowing

The only cardio workout if you row for atleast 4000m :P

Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Pros of Home Gym Equipment

1. You get to workout all the major muscles of your body.

2. Isolation exercises are very good for building strength.

Cons of Home Gym Equipment

1. The position is fixed so your range of motion is limited.

2. Since you are fixed at one place, you work on muscles in isolation and you do not get to engage more muscles.

3. No cardio except if you do a lot of rowing :P

It is good equipment to use once in a while. One can get easily bored with its regular usage since there are only certain fixed number of exercises that can be done on it. No creativity you see :P..Haan certain compund exercises can be done with it separately.

If you know of any other exercises that can be done it than please do add them :)


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19 Responses to Home Gym Exercise Equipment

  1. Ankita says:

    Nidhi, I have worked out on home gym but I got so bored….infact my fitness class is machine free….there are no machines….just equipments like weights, barbells, boxing equipments, stepper etc…I feel better doing machine free exercises as I can easily do them at home :) I m a little scared of treadmill coz my office power used to go off when I was running at my max speed….lol…. :) since then I have been scared of treadmill :)

    • Nidhi says:

      haha.. I agree Ankita.. I also faced such a situation once. I was running on a high speed on a tread mill and light went off :P .. Now I cannot run on treadmill.. I need roads :D.. Free weights are the best anytime :)

  2. khushi says:

    thank u so much Nidhi, u are woman of ur words :P
    I cant thank you enough for covering this *puchi*
    thanks for the detailed pictures and explanation, i use the other equipments you mentioned here too. yes they are boring. but part of routine. have to do.
    does lat pull down, reduce breast size?

  3. Sahiba says:

    Nidhi… aise aise equipments I have collected in home over years and then sold on OLX… :P :P
    I really used to get excited while buying and then after a month they were used to hang clothes… ;)
    I need a different thing after every two days in my workout… ;)
    It is so kind of you to answer all queries patiently.. :)

    • Nidhi says:

      heheh.. My cousins have done that Sahiba.. I never bought a single equipment except a mat and some free weights and my Squash, baddy rackets :P

  4. Chandan kaur says:

    Very well explained Nidhi…I agree working out with these machines leads to monotonous routine…which ultimately grasps boredom…so I would say skip on to these n do regular workouts in gym:)

  5. Ramya says:

    Nice article Nidhi! :) I use the lat pull thing once in a while. Such things cannot be the only thing to do na, I mean if we do it sometimes then fine otherwise it gets damn boring! And we need only the smallest reason to skip workouts sometimes :P
    I prefer doing flies with free weights. Actually if any workout can be done with free weights or with machine I always prefer free weights :D

    • Nidhi says:

      Ramya swimming is the best for lats. You have seen the swimming champ micheal phelps body? nai dekhi to abhi dekho :P.. uski lats dekhi.. *drool*

  6. Vrinda says:

    Great one! When is your birthday btw? Batao Batao (Hint: I know it is this month ;))

  7. nidhi says:

    Hi Nidhi… very well explained article :)
    Me too gets bored working out in the same style ;)
    I have an Exercycle at my place and resistance bands and dumbells.
    These days have started working out at home only :)
    Could u please do a post on how to use resistance bands at home.
    And Yes when is your birthday .. pls share :)

  8. Shruti says:

    Woh! Birthday coming Birthday coming? How old? :P ;) Just kidding!

    We used to have this thing in our hostel gym in uni, was really used for either hanging stuff, or posing for photographs. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and I’m happy. You know I don’t like machines, though I honestly do lat pulldowns because I’m still working on my pull ups and pull downs help there.

  9. Neetu says:

    Worth reading post nidhi. My friends were planning to go for home gym idea and ur article came in apt time. I guess we all got anwers of how to start home gym now! Am mailing this link to them.. thanx..

  10. soundarya says:

    Never knew could do these things as well!! Thanks a lot Nidhi..Had been a silent reader here…Had started work out just today after so much procastination:) feels great…wil ask u queries more often!! :)

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