Problems with Wearing High Heels

Problems with Wearing High Heels

Hello ladies!

Problems with Wearing High Heels

It was a long week for me as I was busy attending free health check up camp organised by my hospital. Ohhh! Missed Miss Fit so much :). My husband says I am so addicted to this blog that I desperately wanted to write an article everyday. You know during last weak, I met many ladies who had a common complaint of foot pain. Some had ankle pain issues and others were having pain in calf muscles too. On evaluation, I found their problems were associated with wearing high heels shoes. Have you heard that song”pehli baat to yea jo tu tik tok tik tok chalti hai, maana ye saari teri HIGH HEELS KI GALTI HAI”, I felt like singing these lines to them ;) but professionaly, I was bounded by few ethics.

Problems with Wearing High Heels

Anyhow, this gave me an idea of writing an article on the health problems associated with high heels. Common girls answer my question truly. How many pair you have stalked in your wardrobe of stilettos, peep toes or block heels? Oops! Counting them will be difficult for some, and for rest it might go onto 7. Each day a new one? I know even I am in love with my stilettos but then health comes first. Right?. I won’t tell you to give them all away, after all I am a true girl with all the fashion tadka in me ;). But this article will tell you what all problems can wearing high heels on regular basis can cause.

Researches have proved that almost two out of every three women face the problem of “killer Heels”. That shows in the form of either bunions, or hammer toes. Some are also seen with permanent muscle tissue damage. Not to miss are other problems like Morton’s neuroma, heel pain, knee pain, back pain.

Are you thinking I’m shifting my focus from foot to back? No I am not, yes the biomechanics have related all your body bones into one single lead. When you raise the height of your heels by wearing sandals, the centre of gravity is shifted forwards and to combat that, our body tends to bend forward. Now this further leads to heavy pressure on the nerves in spine and thus, whole criteria of optimal position is disturbed. Now this will lead to the problem called as sciatica. I have described more about it in an article HERE

Problems with Wearing High Heels

Problems with Wearing High Heels

1) Bunions: Problems with Wearing High Heels

Problems with Wearing High Heels

Bad fitting shoes can lead to inward shifting angle of your great toe, this further causes swelling and pain in the bony area. Hence just make sure your footwear is not over tight.

2) Hammertoes: Problems with Wearing High Heels


Problems with Wearing High Heels

Going to a party and don’t have matching pair of stilettos in your wardrobe? Borrowing from sister’s is a good option no? “NO” if your sizes aren’t same and you try to squeeze your foot in them, it will lead to hammer like bending of your second toe, causing hammertoes problem. Eventually the muscles adapt themselves and they don’t straighten up even when not wearing heels.

3) Ankle sprains:Problems with Wearing High Heels

Problems with Wearing High Heels

This term is what we all are familiar with. Going off balance while wearing the heels which we can’t manage while dancing can lead to this problem and trust me this is very painful.

4) Achilles tendon shortening: Problems with Wearing High Heels

The muscles of the calf are inserted into the point at back of our foot and they are together called as Achilles tendon. This one is supposed to lengthen and shorten in a cyclic manner while we walk and thus putting least pressure on other muscles. But you will be amazed to know that wearing of high heels on permanent basis can lead to permanent shortening of this tendon. Thus you will feel pain when you will walk flat foot in daily routine.

5) Knee problems: Problems with Wearing High Heels

Problems with Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels has been found to increase almost 26% of pressure in the inner side of the knee joint. This can lead to arthritis and hence you know the pain prevails.

I know enough of scary points I have mentioned in this article. But I just want you all to be on the safer side. Be careful in choosing the inches of your heels. Fix yourself to maximum of 3inches. Even if you have to buy higher ones, limit the number of days you want to wear them. also try not to wear them on regular basis to avoid these problems.

In the end I would say that yes even I get fascinated with heels when I see the famous TV shows like “Sex And The City” but then I know that reality check is always different from what we think. So ladies, be your own judge :)

About the Author
Dr Chandan Kaur Khera is Master’s in Pthysiotherapy and is very passionate about her Work. Read other articles by the Author HERE

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14 Responses to Problems with Wearing High Heels

  1. Nidhi says:

    Excellent post Chandan.. Thanks for sharing all of this with us.. I am sure it will be a revelation for many girls.. I am so happie to hear that like me somebody else is also addicted to this blog :P I have a company :D

  2. Gulnar says:

    now thats a real good post Chandan.. we gurls sometyms do what we see others doing.. sometymes not even caring of our comfort…At least now we can have Fashion with Health..:)

  3. Deepa says:

    experienced off balance many many many times, thanks to high heels Chandan :(

  4. sahiba says:

    very nice post chandan ji… :)

  5. Vinita Kochhar says:

    Nice post! Very informative…. i don’t wear heels but at times just 3 inches. Looks pretty but now I know the health hazards.. Thank you

  6. Esha says:

    I love high heels, and in one of my offices we were expected to wear them all day long :( I don’t wear them very often as they drain me out and so bring them out on special occasions only. :( Comfort is more important in the long run.. :( I guess it’s ok to wear wedges..what do you say Chandan ji?

    • chandan kaur says:

      Its good Esha that you wear them occasionally now:) and yeah it is always better to wear wedge heels :). They are more safe than pencil heels :)

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