Health Benefits of Mint(Pudhina) Leaves

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Hello everyone!!

How are you all? Today I am here to discuss the benefits of mint or Pudina. It is peak summer and I guess you need something that will cool you down naturally and there can be nothing better than pudina that can offer some respite.

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Pudina is one of the oldest and most popular herbs that is grown around the world. Just like our dear Tulsi, mint grows very easily in the kitchen garden without any maintenance. It is an essential ingredient in many Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. This herb is used in a range of dishes from parantha stuffing to raita ( curd). It is even added to my all time favourite Paani poori!!!!!!! Coming to our most favorite beverage- ‘Tea’ Pudina leaves are used to make the famous ‘Pudina Chai’. Pudina sherbet is also one among the famous beverages in India.

Mint grown in Asia is much strongly flavored than most European mints. It has a strong, slightly bitter taste (you would have tasted the leaves…) with a cooling aftertaste. No wonder mint is a very common flavor of lozenges and candies. Mouth fresheners, mouth washes, tooth pastes and chewing gums too opt for mint. It does not stop with edible items; you have soaps, face washes and even shampoos with mint extracts to offer that cooling effect to the skin and scalp.

Both, fresh and dried mint is used in preparing culinary delicacies. Let me tell you how to make dried pudina powder at home.

1. Buy fresh mint leaves or pluck them from your kitchen garden.

2. Place them in a wide plate and cover it with a muslin cloth

3. Keep this plate under the sun for two days.

4. After the leaves dry, grind them in the mixer.

5. Your pudina powder is ready to be added to your favorite food!

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Health benefits of Pudhina include the following:

• It soothes the digestive tract and if you are having stomach ache then it can be of great help. This is true, when I have stomach ache or acidity I take Pudina ka satva capsules ( Pudin Hara) and believe me it gives so much relief. Mint is known to treat several gastrointestinal disorders.

• Drinking herbal mint tea reduces irritable bowel syndromes, cleanses the stomach and is a very good cleanser for the blood since it is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

• Mint is known to clear up skin disorders such as acne. It provides a cooling sensation to the kin and helps in dealing with skin irritations. Pudina face pack can be applied to the face for people suffering with acne. Try using fresh leaves instead of readymade face packs that are available in beauty stores.

• Mint helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

• Crushed mint leaves helps combat bad breath and plays a significant role in alleviating swollen gums, mouth ulcers and toothaches.

• Mint (essential oil) is also used in aromatherapy.

• Crushed leaves are also applied on the forehead and temple, to cure headaches. Most headache and pain relief balms have mint oil as their main ingredient.

You can also make your very own mouthwash from the fresh mint leaves. Just soak 2 tablespoons of chopped leaves in a glass of hot water for 30 minutes and strain. Use this as a mouthwash. This is something completely herbal and will give you a fresh breath without burning a hole in the pocket!

So go ahead and enjoy the goodness of pudina this summer!! How about some pudina chutney with parantha??

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Take care! 🙂

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10 Responses to Health Benefits of Mint(Pudhina) Leaves

  1. Nidhi says:

    Very nice article Vinita. I want to add that pudhina is very good for summers as it protects from heat strokes.. We should have it daily in small quantities like sprinkle pudhina powder over curd. Or pudhina chai, pudhina in your chaaptis or paranthas..

  2. Chandan kaur says:

    Nice article Vinita…:) i mk it a point to hv pudina leaves every day in one or the other form…:) its really helpful in summers as Nidhi mentioned.

  3. Vinita Kochhar says:

    Thanks!! Good that you have it daily….

  4. Ramya says:

    Nice article Vinita 🙂 I looveee pudina 🙂 Will start having it regularly now!

  5. mini says:

    Nice article..i use it daily in cooking.. they give such an awesome flavor and freshness

  6. shreya says:

    lovely article Vinita,,,,i love the pudina chutney that comes with dosas/idlis/vadas, even the colour of the chutney is so soothing to the eyes.

  7. Vinita Kochhar says:

    Thanks!! 🙂 I relish it tooo..

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