Food to Cut Your Flab Away

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

Thinking of loosing weight by depriving yourself of food? Trust me ladies it won’t work. What actually works is kicking your body’s metabolism so that you can actually burn fat while you eat. Here I am listing 8 food items which will work wonders for you all while you eat them. So just grab a pen and make a note of your next food shopping list :)

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Food to Cut Your Flab Away

1) Yogurt: the probiotic bacteria in this reduces the amount of fat your body will absorb. So do indulge yourself by trying different flavors in it like strawberries etc. A sweet treat for you again.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

2) Peanut Butter: Do you get nightmares regarding butter consumption? Forget them all now and have peanut butter as it is high source of magnesium which powers cells to metabolize energy efficiently.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

3) Banana: ooops! I can’t have it. It will make me gain more weight :). A fair no to this myth again! Eat one banana each day right when you get up from bed in morning i.e. empty stomach and then you can have your breakfast half-an-hour later. This is a rich magnesium source which will not only make you lose weight but also will prove beneficial for your joints.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

4) Pickle: avoiding pickle makes us think we are avoiding the salt and oil content in it. But the fact is one medium slice of any pickle has only7-10calories and digesting the salt in it takes more energy from body. Amazing no!
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Food to Cut Your Flab Away

5) Egg White: They burn fat and fortify us with vitamin B12 and proteins.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

6) Avocado: Have avocado for good fat. Avocado is also a rich source of L-carnitine, an aminoacid that will fire up the body’s metabolism.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

7) Cottage Cheese: Omit the extra cheese but right amount taken sometimes can satisfy your palate. It has conjugated lenoliec acid in it which burns body fat.

Food to Cut Your Flab Away

8) Green tea: As we all know and was mentioned by Nidhi also in her article that have it in between meals. Can read more about it About Green Tea

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17 Responses to Food to Cut Your Flab Away

  1. Aayushi says:

    Important and very helpful post…
    That is what i wanted :) :)
    thank u dear

  2. Grace says:

    Amazing article…….:)

    Nice :D

  3. Priyanka says:

    I love peanut butter and trust me never ever anticipated that I would be allowed to eat it… great article :)

  4. kriti says:

    woww.. i never knew about banana thing…thxx for dt,,,, :)

  5. nidhi says:

    Very nice article… :-)
    I stopped eating banana few years thinkin it ll make me fat :-(
    But nw I ve started… ;-)

  6. Raji B says:

    Thanks for the post! very helpful.

  7. Preeti Sharma says:

    Thx a lot for this post i stopped eating banana few yrs. back now i can have it without guilt.

  8. Rama says:

    Ialways thought bananan & yogurt makes u put on weight..and i used toavoid eating them…
    tis articleis defenitely an eye openerforme.. :)

  9. arja says:

    They all actually work. Tried and tested. :D Except for avocados – I have to try them -No clue whether it`s available here or not..

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