Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Happy Navratri Everyone :))

Many of us keep fast for all 9 days of Navratri and most of the times, we end up feasting instead of fasting :P. Quite unavoidable also as the eating options are mostly sugary or fried foods. Such sugary food options are followed from a very long time. There is a reason behind: As we are asked not to eat frequently when we are fasting, we eat only twice or thrice in a day so to maintain the energy level through the day, such sugary, calorie dense foods are preferred. It is okay to be on this diet for one or two days but for all 9 days, it is a better idea healthwise to eat frequently say every 3 hours. Sharing few navratri food options with you.

1) Fruit Salad

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

It is the season of water melon, mulberry, mangoes, musk mellon etc.. Make a mixed salad of these seasonal fruits, all of them are good energizers. Sprinkle some rock salt on your salad and relish it.

2) Amaranth(cholai) and gur ke ladoo

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Cholai and gur ke ladoo are easily available in the market these days or you can make them at home. Mix one or two ladoos in a glass of milk and enjoy the super energy drink. Amaranth has an amazing protein profile, gur provides a good dose of energy (carbs) and milk for calcium, fats. This drink forms a complete meal in itself.

3. Mixed Vegetable Raita

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

It is an excellent summer food. Add loads of raw veggies to a slightly cold Raita (mellowed curd) and savor the treat :)

4. Buckwheat (Kuttu) ka Parantha


Instead of having kuttu ki poori have kuttu ka parnatha. Buckwheat is warm is nature so have it with some cold curd or ratia. Can add grated carrot or bottle gourd to your batter or potatoe to the batter to enhance the taste and make it more filling.

Buckwheat has a very good nutritional profile. It is not fattening :) Check out here
Nutritional Profile of Various Types of Flours

5) Sabutdaane ki khichadi

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Soak Sabut daana in water overnight, use this sabut daana to make khichadi, add loads of veggies, peanuts, bay leaves etc to it. This meal is filling, nutritious and has a great taste too.

6) Samak ke chawal

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

It is the most healthy thing that can be eaten on all 9 days without putting on a inch. Samak ke chawal is easily available in the market. Just pressure cook with a lot of veggies, add tadka later. And it is ready.

7) Kheer

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Who don’t love it? :P. To save calories, add stevia instead of sugar. Add loads of nuts, makhana (fox seeds), rice to it. Complete nutritional meal ready for you :)

8) Namkeen Mixture

Food Menu for Navrati Fast

Roast Makhana, chiwara(poha), peanuts, pumpkin seeds, add some condiments and you have a super delicious namkeen ready for munching :)

Do share your navratri food Ideas :) Jai Mata di Cheers!

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4 Responses to Food Menu for Navrati Fast

  1. riya says:

    OMG. this article is just what i needed. I can finally stay away from Aloo! Thanks Nidhi

  2. Ankita says:

    Wow..u won’t believe but I had sabudana khichdi today….it is super filling…. :) n I love raita….super duper post…gave me lots of ideas although I hardly ever fast… :) :)

  3. Bhavna says:

    Much needed article indeed..

    Earliar I used to rely on french fries, as they were readily available near to my office..But nw I have substituted it with butter milk, peanuts, fruits nd Green tea, dont find any drop in energy level. will try sabudana khichadi tmrw.. :)

  4. Meenakshi says:

    I would like to add yoghurt,makhanas to the list

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