Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

Food for Beautiful Skin and Body


Nowadays, the one who pleases the eyes seems to win the heart as well. It more implies on the female population who tend to worry even if the measuring scale goes above for a few hundred grams. Come on… an attractive body and glowing face is every girl’s dream. Agree? So here are some foods which will help you attain not only an attractive but also healthy body.

Include the following food in your diet


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

Well girls, this fruit is full of vitamin C. It not only cuts down the stored fat in our body but also lowers the cholesterol levels. May be many of you do not know that it also fights some of the cancer causing elements. At the same time, it does not add up to our calories at all. It will also interest you to know, that the citrus acid it contains breaks the fat cells long accumulated beneath the skin layer.

My elder brother, Konark, who is a big fitness freak, always advises me to have 2-4 mausami in the late evening meal (that too only if it was a case of extreme hunger). Reason being I should not add up to my calories while eating that late. Instead it would aid in lowering the level of my fat store.

It boosts up the collagen beneath the skin and thus retards the signs of ageing.


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

It is extremely important for us to include spinach and other green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage in our daily diet regimen. They have enormous amount of fiber content and also low on calorie content. Besides giving us a feeling of fullness it also burns our fat.
Dietary Fiber


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body
It contains fibre, antioxidants, and vitamins.

It gives a positive boost to your body’s metabolism as well as rejuvenates your skin.


Adding spices to your food helps in cutting down excess fat. I know many spice-lover girls out of you, who have jumped out reading this. Also, black pepper, a well known condiment helps to control hunger urge and boosts your immunity levels.


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

It contains ‘ketone’ which helps to burn fat. This particular element breaks down all the fat cells present in our body. A miracle fact in raspberry is that the fibre it contains tends to slow down the digestive cycle which in turn leads to a feeling of fullness for the rest of the day. (We always wanted something as miraculous as this. Isn’t it?)


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

Nuts as Healthy Snack

Nuts especially almonds are a healthy option. They are ultra rich as far as nutritive values are concerned. Now here I am going to give you a free advice- whenever you feel hungry between meals, mainly in the first half of the day, grab some almonds in your hand and eat them very slowly. By doing this you help your body cut another few ounces of fat, trust me.

I WOULD SUGGEST THAT BEST TIME TO HAVE NUTS IS IN THE MORNING- BEFORE BREAKFAST AS THE BODY TAKES TIME TO DIGEST THEM. On the days you forget to have in the morning, take them in between breakfast and mid-day meal. Avoid taking nuts in the evening time. (Most health experts advice to have light evening meals, remember?)

Groundnut is another substitute which lowers your hunger and keeps your fatness and blood sugar levels in control.
I need not mention that nuts refresh your skin immensely.


Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

Lastly I would mention that almost all the berries- be it strawberry, blueberry, or any other berry act as universal fat burners as they contain wholesome amount of antioxidants.

EAT BERRIES FOR THAT EXTRA GLOW- Berries definitely add to that extra glow on your rosy cheeks.

Take care.

About the Author

Dr Sahiba Wadhwa is an intern in a BDS college

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9 Responses to Food for Beautiful Skin and Body

  1. Sumathi says:

    My mom used to give me mausambi juice everyday after i’m return from school.. It would be so refreshing.. I should start drinking it again..
    A lot of people hate spinach, but i totally love it.. I can eat spinach everyday 🙂
    Nice post Sahiba

  2. sahiba says:

    thanks sumathi.. yup do have it daily and u’ll notice difference in just a few days… i would suggest you to have raw oranges/ mausamis… they r even more beneficial… 🙂

  3. shilpa says:

    Sahiba awesome post loved it 🙂 keep them coming 🙂

  4. shreya says:

    lovely article…….having nuts right now!!!
    berries are so difficult to get in indian markets…….only the cold stored ones are available!!

    • sahiba says:

      thanks shreya.. even if they are cold storage ones they will do much more good to your body than having anything else in their place.. 🙂

  5. Simone says:

    Just to add.. groundnut/peanut is actually a legume and not a nut inspite of the suffix nut

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