Food and Exercises to Lose Weight

Food and Exercises to Lose Weight

Before I write on exercises. I would like to tell you that we may go and kill ourselves on the treadmill. Or spend our life doing crunches. But if we do not follow workout with a good nutritious diet nothing good will happen to our fitness level or health. So, be moderate with your workout. Do it with full body and breath awareness in the presence of an instructor. Make an effort to improve your posture. And if you feel uncomfortable with any workout. Then stop it there and find out what is going wrong. Eat-workout-stay active and sleep. Beep beep.

As, I wrote earlier that weight loss is not about counting calories. It is about spending energy i.e burning those calories. So, for that we need to know how our food is treated in our body. And how different exercises convert food into energy.

Here goes some technical gyaan on exercise physiology.

Food – Carbohydrates, fats, protein. Digested and form:  Carbohydrates- Glucose, fats- fatty acids and proteins- amino acids. All of these are either used by our bodies or are stored for later use.

Apart from other functions, glucose and fatty acids are used as quick sources of energy by our body. Whenever we do cardio exercises including our daily life activities. Then energy for it is derived from the fatty acids or glucose stores in our blood. Excess glucose also disturbs the insulin balance of our body. Which, consequently impairs our BMR and hence we get fat. This is the reason we are asked to keep our sugar cravings in control. Though, it is very important to eat carbohydrates. Read HERE The unused glucose is stored as glycogen for later use.

The unused fatty acids are stored as Body fat(adipose tissue). This is the reason we are asked to keep our junk food and processed food intake in control. Since, junk and processed food has a lot of trans fats (bad fats) in them. And trans fats are not of much use to our body and all of it simply get deposited as fat tissue in our body!

Protein is seldom used for energy. it is mainly used for growth or repair work. Though, it gets deposited as fat when not used properly. So, those of you who wish to take protein supplements. Please be sure, it is good till it is utilized properly. Excess of it will only make you fat.

But, how do we utilize protein? Have you ever heard of muscle toning? Muscle toning means building stronger, denser muscles which gives us a leaner look. Whenever we do muscle toning exercises then we basically provide a stimulus to our muscles to grow and as these muscles are made up of proteins!
So, with good strength training exercises, we properly utilize the protein that we intake. That is, to build our muscles, tone our body etc. Proteins also help to grow our hair, tighten our skin, improve our BMI and metabolic rate.

Aerobics or a sustained activity over long period prevent glycogen and fatty acids from deposition. How? In the presence of oxygen any aerobic activity produce Energy(ATP) from the glycogen and fatty acids available in the blood.

After rendering all this gyaan, I would say, don’t workout for the sake of utilizing some protein, carbs or fats. Workout for fun and eat home made food without any hassle. All this burning of calories and building of muscles will be taken care by our body itself.

Do you have any questions? Come get them on in the comments. Will be glad to answer :) I keep posting workout ideas on FB. Do check them out :). Can also SUBSCRIBE to the email updates.

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30 Responses to Food and Exercises to Lose Weight

  1. Ramya says:

    Okaaaayyyy…. This was a very very informative article. :) I think I understand a lot more abt protein now.
    Am a vegetarian. I have whey protein after my workout, but I still dont know what options I have in my food for protein… Any suggestions?

    • Nidhi says:

      Thanks Ramya :)

      I will write a post on it :) Best is ghar ka khao sehat banao :P

      • Ramya says:

        That line sounded like an ad slogan :P But yes.. trying as much as possible for that. Looking fwd to ur post on protein. :)
        Nidhi, read my comment on First Meal Of the Day post na. I wrote abt my diet there. :)

  2. Srishti says:

    Your articles are like the Bible of Fitness :p
    I have already started correcting my posture following your previous articles…and just by this small change i see a HUGE difference in my appearance especially my paunch :D
    The USP of this blog is that you take time to see all comments and reply to them..most of the other fitness websites have space for questions but no one really answers them…

    Collecting questions in my mind for now for your next article…HeHeHe :)

  3. Ankita says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    Can you please accept my friend request on fb so that I can check out all workout ideas?


  4. kanika says:

    i have fat aroung my belly and butts..what are the best excercises for these?

    • Nidhi says:

      HI Kanika.. Read the old posts and answer the questions that I have asked. Based on your answers I will be better able to help.

  5. sandhya says:

    Hey nidhi you are a real saviour in keeping up the resolve for fitness. Especially now with al the chilness around i find it very difficult to get myself out of the bed and hit the exercise cycle in the morning!!!!!!!!! Your articles help me at that time! :-) This was a very unique article though didnt know how my body utilizes the stuff that I put inside!!!!!!

  6. shruti says:

    OMG!! i dindnt knew protine too gets converted to fats :(
    I eat lots of protine esp via soya….since i dont lyk daal much, i hav soya chunks in my meal, roasted soya as snacks and evn soya milk many tyms. So shud i stop this?

    • Nidhi Garg says:

      Eating daals and soya chunks are too important to fulfil our daily requirement of proteins. But taking protein supplements depend upon your level of activity and type of workout you do. I would say eat as much as natural proteins you can eat like daal, sprouts etc instead of processed soya milk

  7. Tusti says:

    Does my Gym workout like treadmill, cycling etc. will work good as aerobics?

    • Nidhi says:

      Whatever you do. Do it dil se. It will work! DOo what you enjoy the most, calorie burning will be naturally high!

      • Tusti says:

        I like Gym workout, I did aerobics earlier, but i am more motivated now with gym than aerobics. :D I worked out past three days and today i took a day off. But yesterday night had heavy dinner for an office program. aarrggggg……. I have to control.

        BTW, your post are really awesome and you each and every reply is warm and motivating. I wish i could met you in person. Never liked any health blog as i like yours.

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  11. gauri says:

    hi, am 20 and my wt is 85kgs ….am studing plus am doing my own business also ….kindly help me loosing weight..plzzz

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