Fitness Tips Of the Day

Fitness Tips Of the Day

Fitness Tips Of the Day

Focus: Focus on what you are currently doing. Focus on only exercise while exercising, focus on only work when doing work, focus on only enjoying when on break. Your mind, heart and soul all should focus on the current activity to retrieve the maximum benefits.

Immerse: Immerse yourself in eating and drinking. Experience all type of food available in the world. No particular food is worse that you should keep yourself away from it for lifetime. Eat it in moderation on your cheat days and don’t forget to be the smart cheater.

How to Cheat Smartly on Food

Take turns frequently. By this I mean keep changing the workout to stay motivated. Incorporate different exercises, do yoga, walk, take stairs, etc. Have variety of fruits and vegetables in different style. Colorful plates usually appeal the eye.

Nature: Love the nature. Go for the morning walk to enjoy the fresh air and get Vitamin D.

Exercise: Exercise is the key to remain fit.

Stop & think: Every now and then, stop and think about what you are doing, what do you like to do, what is the truth, is the path you have chosen makes you happy. Change the path if the answer is no.

Sleep: A sound sleep will help to remain fresh all the next day. Whatever is going to happen will happen. Sacrificing the sleep and thinking about the situation is not going to help in any ways. So before going to bed tell your brain that whatever has happened has happened, whatever is going to happen tomorrow will be tackled. For now, time is to take rest and let’s focus on the sleep.

Talk and be informative: In case you are going through any problems, talk to the expert in that field. For example, instead of shying away from using the exercise machine better is to talk to your trainer to help you understand how to use it effectively. More informative you would be, higher are the chances to excel.

Inhale & Exhale: To calm down try breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale slowly and try to experience each breathe.

Practice positivity: Happy and sad moments are the part of our life. Success and failures both teach us a lesson. Hence be positive in the difficult situations. Time is bound to pass so relax and live in a moment with positive thoughts.

Snack Time: Eat frequently. Snack on the healthy food to keep your metabolism active throughout the day and to keep yourself satiated.

Occupied: Keep yourself occupied with the people who motivate your. Keep yourself busy in doing the things that make you happy. Being busy in life will prevent us from doing anything that is negative.

Fresh Start: Welcome each new day with fresh and smiling face.

Training: Most of the elders have stopped getting trained. Study is not only for kids but also for the grown-ups. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the current happenings in the area of work will help to move the ladder up faster.

Happiness: There are so many people who need to be motivated and lifted up in life. Talk to such people and spread the happiness. It brings immense inner pleasure.

Empty Yourself: 1) Empty your mind from all the grudges and ill-feelings. 2) Empty all the waste in the loo first thing in the morning.

Don’t overdo: Exercise, eating proper foods, sleep, etc are the key to the healthy life. Overdoing will reverse all the effort you put in on the tasks.

Avoid being harsh: Don’t be too harsh to yourself. It is ok to criss-cross with the schedule. It is fine to not do what you are supposed to do. Most important is to be happy in what you are doing.

Yoga: Try yoga for the peaceful mind. Remain young and truthful

Do share via comments what are your fitness tips of the day

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