Exercise Equipment for Home

Exercise Equipment for Home

Many of you shared that you have various workout equipment at home which are mostly used for hanging clothes :P. Guess the only reason, we mostly feel demotivated to use the home workout equipment, is the monotony. This may be also due to our unawareness about various innovative and challenging usages of those equipment. Ahaan, we can have variety of fun and challenging workout with a tread mill too.

As an example let me take tread mill. Now there are two types of training called Intermittent training and interval training. Both of them are excellent for weight loss and we can design different workout using either of them. First let me discuss these two types of training specifically for treadmill. Then I will give an example workout.

Intermittent Training for treadmill: Fix two speeds and alter between these two speeds over a period of time. Just that these speeds should not be very high or low. And there should be a good variation of intensity. for eg if you decide to run for 10 minutes then make 5 sets of 2 minutes each for 5-8 or 6-9 or 4-10 etc. i.e 1 minute run on 5 and then 1 minute run on 8 and this way do 5 sets.

Interval Training for treadmill: Again fix two speeds and run alternatively on each of them for a period of time. The difference is in the two speeds. In this case 1 speed is very high and other very low. The very low period is like recovery period. So you sprint and recover and so on eg run on 11 for some 1 minutes and walk on 3 for 2 minutes and so on ..

You can either do only running using any of these training or can incorporate other exercise to it. For eg check out on of my exercise chart below.

1. Intermittent training 10 minutes (5 – 9)
2. Jumping jacks 1 minute
act as a warm up
3. Stretching
4. Interval training for 10 minutes (2 – 10)
5. Squats 30 seconds
6. Crunches 1 minute
7. Push ups 1 minute
8. slow walk generally on 3 for 5 minutes for cool down
9. Stretching

Similarly, those who have workout cycle at home can try spinning. Share what exercise equipment you have at home, I will tell you some fun ways to use it :)

I found this very good home workout video. It is just of 5 minutes but really grilling and any one can catch it.


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20 Responses to Exercise Equipment for Home

  1. Rajani says:

    hey Nidhi…

    I don’t have any equipment at home… but from past 3days i have started following Jillian Michaels 30days Shred – Level 1… and instead of dumb-els i’m using filled water bottle of same quantity each ;) hehehheehe… :P

  2. neha says:

    bookmarked ! the vid is awesome! :)

  3. Ramya says:

    Nidhi, I too havent got any exercise equipment at home though I’ve been considering buying a treadmill from a long time now…
    I LOVED the intermittent and interval training idea. Am planning to try out the whole routine today itself! It sounds really too good :)

  4. Ankita says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    I tried working out at home for 2 months or so and bought a stepper, a pair of push up bars and 2 dumbbells of 1 kg. I already had a skipping rope. One can easily do aerobics with these equipments. A medicine ball can also be bought for workout. Whenever I m unable to go to my fitness class, i workout using these equipments :)

  5. meera says:

    nice video nidhi:) thank u..i really appreciate ur effort dear..

  6. jyoti says:

    hi nidhi, will surely checkout the vds on home pc. one thing i’d like to share… treadmill in front of good tv, playing ur favourite serial back to back without any breaks, serial that doesnt require a lot of attention..like friends, two and a half men, big bang theory, modern family (i love modern family), this makes workout so much easier. i mean, i dont look at the stop watch or the distance covered every minute.

    everyday i wait for ur posts, great way to know new things and revise what i already know. thanks :)

  7. sakhi says:

    Hi Nidhi…I am a working women with a 15 month old daughter living with in laws….my entire day goes in office..daughter and household chores and almost no time is left for ME…Post Pregnancy I have gained a lot of weight ..though i was never very slim…now i 75 kgs …can u pls suggest exercises for women like me…less time consuming yet effective….

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  9. Pallavi says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    I read your article on running and that sure inspired me. I was on the verge of joining the gym on Monday, but have decided to go for a walk tomorrow. Will slowly graduate to running.
    Can you help me with a diet plan as well?
    I need to lose only 6 kg and some tummy fat but its just not happening. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  10. Shaili says:

    WOW :) Congrats Nidhi for the new blog
    from the past one hour I have been going through almost every article written on this blog and randomly decided to comment on this one. You are doing a great job and I needed all this when I am toatally devoid of enthusiasm and motivation !!!
    I have so many questions up for “ask” section

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