Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for Healthy Skin and Body

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Hi everybody…

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Today I am going to talk about a well known and easily available herb – ‘Tulsi’.

Tulsi is a miraculous herb, which is known to heal countless diseases. I am a religious person; we worship tulsi and never consider it a mere plant. I have been offering water to tulsi and eating tulsi leaves since childhood. All thanks to my mom- So Today I will be telling you about so many diseases which can be healed by taking tulsi leaves.

First of all I would like to tell you tulsi comes in two forms- one with green leaves and one with dark greenish black leaves. The latter one is known as ‘shyama tulsi’ known for its property of clarifying skin.

Few diseases in which tulsi works as a medicine:

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for Skin problems:

a. People suffering from vitiligo or disease where you have white patches on skin: having ‘shyama tulsi’ daily has cured many with such disease. We had a maid with this disease few years back and mom used to give her tulsi leaves daily. You would not believe she got 60% of the patches cured with it and was very thankful for the same.

b. Skin fungal infections known as ‘daad-khaj’ can be treated by applying paste of tulsi leaves churned with lemon juice.

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for developing a sharp mind:

Have 5-7 leaves of tulsi with water in the morning while you are empty stomach. My mom used to give me and she asked me to chew it properly and then gulp down. (that is reason I am so intelligent you see :P )

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves in Fatness and laziness:

Having tulsi leaves with fresh home-made curd helps in lowering down excessive weight. This also fights laziness and fills up your energy levels and also helps in new blood cells formation.

 Benefits of Tusli Leaves for vPeople those who experience frequent vomiting:

Have mixture of ginger juice, juice from tulsi leaves and honey together. It will benefit you.

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for facial skin:

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Rub dried leaves of tulsi just as you rub some powder on your face. This will improve your facial skin in many many ways. (Remember many face washes have tulsi as the main ingredient).

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves in Malaria:

Boil black pepper, tulsi leaves and jaggery together to make a ‘kaada’ or thick liquid out of it. Add lemon drops in it. Drink this hot liquid after every 2-3 hours. Cover yourself with a blanket and sleep. You will really feel better.

Benefits of Tusli Leaves in Labor pains:

Tying the roots of the tulsi plant at the back of the pregnant lady decreases the labor pains and delivery becomes easy. Drinking the juice of tulsi leaves also decreases labor pains.

• Benefits of Tusli Leaves for children:

Some children experience loose motions at the time of tooth eruption, give them a mixture of pomegranate juice and powder of dried tulsi leaves- they will feel better.

• Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for treating Hair fall/grey hair:

Soak dried tulsi leaves powder and amla powder in water overnight. In the morning strain that water and wash your hair with it. This will prevent hair fall as well as greying of hair.

• Benefits of Tulsi Leaves in CANCER:

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Mix 10 grams of juice of tulsi leaves (you will have this with around 30 tulsi leaves) in 20-30 grams fresh curd/ 2-3 spoons of original honey. Have this daily. Believe me; this cures cancer if taken religiously.

• Benefits of Tusli Leaves In case of burns:

Boil mixture of tulsi juice and coconut oil, allow it to cool down and then apply on the burnt skin. This will help in fast relief from blisters and wounds.

• One universal way of treating many diseases:

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Grind 25-30 of tulsi leaves and add 5-10 grams of fresh homemade curd/5-7 grams of original honey to it. Having this mixture continuously for 40 days treats cold, cough, gout problem, kidney stone, vitiligo(white patches of skin), fatness, low energy with advancing age, continuous loose motions, acidity, low digestion or mand-agni (as told in ayurveda), head ache(even of long duration), blood pressure problems (low or high), heart problems, breathing problems, wrinkles and even cancer.


People who experience accumulation of excessive heat in the body should not take tulsi in summers as tulsi is also hot in character.

Do not take milk 2 hours before or after having tulsi.

Do not pluck tulsi leaves after sunset. Pluck them only after sunrise the next day.


Whenever you take anything as a medicine, believe that it will cure you and do not doubt the same. Your positive belief in the medicine will itself cure half of the disease.

Take care!

About the Author


Dr Sahiba Wadhwa is an intern in a BDS college

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28 Responses to Benefits of Tulsi Leaves for Healthy Skin and Body

  1. neha says:


  2. chandan kaur says:

    Informative post Sahiba:)

  3. Ramya says:

    Nice article Shahiba!! I didn’t know that tulsi was hot in character.. Will avoid in summers! :-)

    • sahiba says:

      thanks ramya… one way is to have it with homemade curd which is cold in character so that both these will neutralize each other. if you feel excessive heat accumulation in summers then you can avoid it… :)

  4. Esha says:

    I love reading your posts Sahiba, :) they are all very interesting.

  5. nidhi says:

    Very nice article Sahiba :)

  6. Nidhi says:

    I will have it in curd today :) Thanks for this post Sahiba :)

  7. parul says:

    hi sahiba,i used to take tulsi juice with honey for reduction weight in winter and it helped me a lot. but now i am six months pregnant and having acidity and gas problem daily.i am gaining weight very should i drink tulsi juice with honey in pregnancy in summer or not???is there any harm for baby in my womb?

  8. parul says:

    hi sahiba,i used to drink tulsi juice with honey to reduce weight and it helped me a lot..but now i’m 6 months pregnant and suffering from acidity and gas daily..can i drink tulsi juice with honey in summer as i im pregnant..will it b harmfull for my baby in womb or not? plz reply

  9. Farhad says:


    My father is suffering from bronchitis. He tends to develop skin rashes as well particularly during the summers. Will it be advisable to offer tulsi extracts dipped in hot water in this season to cure bronchitis? Curd being cold by nature, will it impact the bronchitis system? As I’am equally concerned about the skin rashes as well, kindly suggest a remedy that could kill two birds with one stone.

    Thanking you in anticipation.



    • Nidhi says:

      No Tulsi is warm in nature, do not give it to him in this weather.. Does curd suit him these days? I am sure it might suit him..

  10. Farhad says:

    Thanks a bunch for the prompt response Nidhi!

    I would be grateful if you can suggest an alternate means if not tulsi leaves that shall take care of bronchitis.

    Thank you !

  11. dr.indrajit says:

    Thanks Sahiba..

  12. Shibani says:

    Hi Sahiba,
    Thanks for the info… but please help me with the proportion of Tulsi and curd that on needs to have to reduce weight.

  13. sudharani says:

    I don’t have fresh tulasi available. I have dried tulasi powder. I gave my baby(17 months old) dried tulasi powder in her milk. I am not sure whether I can give it that way or no. please let me know.

    Reply please.


  14. manjitkaurdhillon says:

    hi i would like to know can we have tullsi with ginger and honey for cough and cold .

  15. shilpika says:

    I have bought tulsi juice .I suffer from a lot of pimples.Will tulsi juice be helpful in that.Also please suggest the amount of juice to be taken everyday.

  16. gayathri says:

    Please let me know if dried tulasi powder works
    Instead of fresh ones for vitiligo

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