Air Travel Bloating

Air Travel Bloating

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This is the picture of my PIA batch. I will share more pictures on fb as and when I get them :)

God knows what was I looking at, on the floor, when the picture was taken :P

I am travelling this week for 2 marriages in my family. I am so excited to wear my traditional dresses. I am all set and excited to expose my back and kamar :D. From the time, I have gotten into shape, I love to wear chote kapde, exposing clothes aur body hugging clothes. Even in extreme winters, the charm of dressing up sexily does not fade in me :P.

Everybody at my place is in shaadi mode. Thankfully, I have not yet given up my healthy eating and regular workout :D. I think when you earn something with a lot of hard work; you cannot just let it go. You have earned it so it means a lot to you. Isn’t it? :)

One thing that I love the most is travelling. Cooking, travelling and dancing are my biggest stress busters. I am mostly travelling on roads between my home town and Delhi esp in the early morning hours. Watching empty roads or the open sky, makes me feel so heavenly :D. I love air travel also though I find it really uncomfortable to do air travel at frequent intervals. I feel bloated when I air travel.


Do you air travel a lot? Do you feel bloated after air travel?

I am always amazed at the ability, of our sports man to air travel, to so many different places in a row esp when they play a series then, they have to travel to play at so many different places in a week’s or a month’s time. For us, on the other hand, it is mostly obvious to start feeling sick and bloated after flights. Isn’t it? However, looking at our sportsmen’s bodies’ ability to deal with air travel. I can only say that if we also strive towards better fitness levels with good workout regime. Then our body can also adapt quickly to air travel .

The bloating problem after air travel is mostly due to the change in our external environment. We are at higher altitudes. Our intestinal gases expand the higher we rise in altitude. And, we know how our body treats any nuisance – by coming in the starvation mode. So, in spite of letting water and electrolytes do their work. Our body retains them all underneath our skin. Which in turn, make us appear bloated. This retention also disturbs the PH balance of our body making it more acidic. Hence, we face the acidity problem!.

Causes, discussed. The solutions? Let us find the solutions from the causes themselves. On/after the flight,

A) Take care of water retention. Drink lots of water. Eat no salty, sugary, fried or refined foods.
B) Consume coconut water, bael(Stone apple) ka sherbet or sugrcane juice to re-balance the electrolyte level. Bael ka sherbet is an elixir for Indians. I am not sure why it is not that famous when it is worth all the hype. Bael is easily available in summers, mostly, in all parts of India. It should become our staple in summers!
To treat the acidity,

C) Eat food that are alkaline in nature. i.e all fibrous foods: again bael ka sherbet, wheat, oats, bajra chapatti with veggies. Yes, oat and bajra chapatti are great source of fiber, are easily available in the market and also taste delicious. Try them.

D) Plan your meals before the day you travel and of possible carry your food with you.

Enjoy your travels Keep flying



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13 Responses to Air Travel Bloating

  1. Sumathi says:

    Looks like it’s the wedding season.. I’m also attending a wedding and an engagement very soon.. Super excited.. Trying to fit into an old blouse.. Everyone has been telling me to open the stitches.. But i’m determined to loose an inch and fit into it..
    Hopefully I’ll be able to do that :)

  2. Ankita says:

    Hey Nidhi….wow u are attending 2 weddings, I want to see your pics in traditional wear…. :D I m extremely conservative when it comes to dressing, all I dream about wearing is a nice knee length dress….heheheeee…..I always feel bloated while air travel, frankly i dont enjoy it much :|

  3. Ramya says:

    Great post Nidhi, coconut water tip is so useful. I now wanna see ur pics in traditional wear!! U look so pretty in them. And u have such a great body, chote kapde to is must wear :P
    Me love wearing well fitted clothes when am in shape :D But after returning from Goa, I realised how bad it is to eat out all the time. Wahan toh I used to get only maida-rotis, rice dishes with loads of oil, or white bread dishes where we stayed :( No option for me so I had to eat them. What does one do at such times? :(

    • Rama says:

      Hi Ramya,I hope u r frm Chennai..Do u have any idea abt the Zumba classes in chennai ..?I remember u mentioning abt Zumba classes to Jomol in IMBB :)
      One of my friends is interestd in joining Zumba..

    • Nidhi says:

      heheh.. Main pakka share karungi pics :) Saw your pic on fb, you look such a cutieee pie :) .. Ohh! I could not live at such a place. I tohh would have scavenged all the places around to find something good to eat! I get really grumpy when I do not get good food to eat so I do not take much chances.. Will call you soon .. abhi toh I am in a mad rush almost daily ..

  4. Rama says:

    Nidhi..u gals look so fit..woww..I’m feelin J..gonna doa little extra in gym.. :)
    BTW, I have lost 4 kgs in the last 40 days :) :)

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