Active Living for Weight Loss

Active Living for Weight Loss

My cousin is lean and tall but she always feels lazy. She is never willing to take any physical exertion. On the other hand, her mom is overweight yet she manages the whole house. I mean she is literally always on her toes. She runs up and down a flight of stairs quickly, juggles with a lot chores in the house. Doing all this, she stays active throughout the day. Sleeps like a dead horse in the night and is up fresh and active early. My question is who do you think is more Fit? My overweight aunt or her slim daughter?

People usually tell me that they want to get fit i.e they want to lose weight. I tell them, “Yes, that is one parameter of fitness”.

Another case, One of my neighbor is really overweight. He does crossfit with me. Crossfit is a really rigorous workout. For sometime after the crossfit workout, we literally feel dead. But, as we start our day. We realize an excellent mobility in each joint. We feel highly energetic, active and alert. But, this boy chooses to comes back from crossfit and sloth the rest of the day. His servant serves him nutritious meals. He take his protein supplements and all that. 1 year on this schedule. He is still fat. Whereas his brother who does normal workout in the gym, comes back, changes and leave for the day. He travels the whole day, eats healthy, plays sports in the evening, reads in the evening, sleeps tight in the night and is up early. He started showing results on his body within a few days only. Who do you think is more fit? The one who does rigorous workout daily or someone who does normal workout but stays active the rest of the day?

What I want to put across is:

a) fitness is not just about weight loss. It is about feeling fit, enjoying the state of existence of your body.
b) fitness is not about doing rigorous workout. It is about doing a workout which help us Β to ‘live actively’ throughout the day.

Treat your workout not as a task. Rather, treat it as a an opportunity to challenge yourself with activities that you do not do in your normal life. So that you can feel and perform better in the activities of your daily life.

Challenge yourself: Go for a workout, stay productive and active the rest of the day, sleep dead and wake up fresh to feel the difference in your level of fitness.

To plan your meals and workout read HEREΒ and HERE

Are you in for this challenge?

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24 Responses to Active Living for Weight Loss

  1. Aru says:

    Fabulous. You are so right about it. When i see my mom slogging during festivals and then complain about leg pain later, i wonder why she takes so much trouble but i know now that she’d rather be active and complain later than be lazy. It is so very important to be active. P

  2. Neha Padhi says:

    I just adore your articles,there are very few people who would start a fitness blog,and resist the temptation of handing out exercise regimens and diet plans,and instead concentrate on the kind of stuff that you are doing:busting myths,giving sound everyday advice. Hats off to you,really!keep up the good work!

  3. rupa says:

    Nice post Nidhi. Your articles are so simple and are so motivating.

  4. Ramya says:

    Very nice article Nidhi. πŸ™‚ Makes a lot of sense to stay active all day rather than sweat out only in the gym n laze around all day.
    BTW, what is Crossfit?

  5. Ankita says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    I m loving ur articles…Unfortunately, i see a lot of lean people around who feel that they are so fit but cannot even take stairs to climb 4 floors…there is no use of being thin that way!! and if u ask them to work out they would say, we r already so thin and we dont want to lose any more weight!!

  6. Ankita says:


    Off the topic, but I have a question– Women usually suffer from calcium deficiency. Do u recommend drinking a glass of milk everyday? I have started drinking a glass of milk mixed with MTR badam mix instead of tea every morning.

  7. Rajani says:

    Nice one Nidhi…
    yeah its so true that those who are thin don’t have strength to even lift two big books πŸ˜›
    there is one colleague of mine who is very lean.. and she can’t even climb 2floors πŸ˜‰

  8. Reema says:

    Nids, this ones is really an eye opener for all common (mango) ppl like us.. πŸ˜› hehehe !!! really made me introspect πŸ˜€

  9. kangan says:

    hey nidhi..i really relate to this article. πŸ™‚
    as i told u already.. m thin n petite.. but no stamina n strength..
    wanna start somewhere..

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