9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

This post is for those who are fed up of cellulite or thigh fat. I know it’s so stubborn. I have had a huge chunks of it some years back. At that time, I desperately use to try so many things like running. Or leg curls and leg presses on the gym machine with the heaviest weight possible for me to lift


Gosshh! but honestly Leg curls and Leg presses on gym machines never worked for my thighs nor did I ever find them work for others. I find them a big disappointment and a big wastage of time. But the sad part is that so many gyms including the good ones still use those super ancient workout plans which on the leg day have typical x leg press, y leg curls so on and so forth..

The leg press and leg curl type of exercises are good if we were preparing to be a body builder. Because such exercises will neither help us lose fat nor help us tone up our legs. They will just put a lot of strain on certain set of muscles to bulk them up. Simple!!

Having said that, isn’t it a better idea to do exercises that use entirely our own body weight or some free weights? Plus isn’t it a better idea to do exercises that does not isolate one muscle? Like in the leg curls, we are fixed in sitting position and we pull the weights that are tied to our legs. In this position neither our abs are engaged nor our posture is correct. We do time pass sitting on that machine? Straining our shin bones, feeling badly sore for next few days. Damn!  Also, when we workout like this on a machine, we isolate our lower leg muscle so these exercises do not work on our upper thighs.

What I basically want to say is, come out of those stereotypical workout schedules, which aren’t good either for fat loss or for muscle strengthening. And in fact are highly incorrect from posture point of view.

Hug ways of exercising, which are more free and which are independent of machines. For example gym balls, medicine malls, free weights, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, crossfit etc. Also add a lot of stretching exercises. Nothing else can give beautiful shape to legs, the way stretching exercises can…

I am sharing one workout plan for your thigh fat or cellulite. All you need is a mat. It is going to be challenging so you can have a fruit as a pre workout meal.
Here you go

Basic warmup

I am giving options, pick up what you would like to do.

A) Dance on any high tempo song for 5 minutes.

B) A combination of jumping jacks, skipping and bear crawls for 5 minutes.

C) Walk, brisk walk, run and sprint and then come back in the same order. Do it for 5 minutes.

Basic Stretching and joint rotations

Check out HERE

Here goes the main workout. This will work on your abs, back and legs. Posture is very important so even if you do less number of reps, does not matter. Do it with correct posture.

1. Basic Side Lying Position

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Lie down on your side with your body aligned in a straight line. Place your head on the palm of your lower hand and the upper hand in front of your chest. Relax the shoulders. Place the sole of your feet in the same line as your hips. In case you are not comfortable, you can lower your head and place a towel under your neck.

2. Hip Openers

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Come in position (a). Bend your upper leg’s knee as shown in the picture. Place its sole on top of the lower foot. Inhale and move both the legs upwards as shown in the figure below.

Exhale and come back. Now the challenge is that during the complete movement you have to make an effort to keep both your hips aligned, your pelvic girdle is tilted forward. that is your abs are contracted.

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Repeat it 10 to 15 times.

3. Heel to the Ceiling 1

Come in the basic position (a) Shown above and lift your. Move the heel of your upper leg up and down with both your knees fixed together. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

4. Inner thighs

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Come in the position shown above. Now inhale and raise your lower knee and try to bring both the knees together. Exhale to bring down one knee at a time.

5. Knee to the Chest

Start from the basic position shown below

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Raise your upper leg, inhale and bring your upper knee towards your chest. Inhale and as you exhale, stretch your leg in a raise position and then bring it down. Keep the bent knee raised above the ground. Do not let it touch the ground. Although, not shown in the picture but this is how it is.

 9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Again the challenge is to keep your hips aligned one over the other and your core engaged.

6. Up & Down

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

In the Last position, hold your leg in a extended and stretched out position. Point your toes towards the sky and slowly start moving your upper leg down and up. Repeat 10-15 times, inhaling while coming downwards and exhaling while going upwards. Once you have completed the rounds, hold this position for a moment, point your toes towards the wall and now repeat 10-15 more rounds with the toes flexed like this.

7. Leg Circles

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Raise your upper legs straight and make small circles with it. Make sure the movement is controlled and at all points during the movement your hips should be stacked one over the other, your core should be engaged. This is excellent for your thighs and hips

8. Leg Kicks

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Come in the basic position. Inhale and pull in your abs. As you exhale, move forward your front leg as much as you can so that the hip alignment and core engagement is not disturbed. Imagine kicking a ball that is lying in front of you while the rest of your body is still. Inhale and stretch the leg backwards without arching your back or moving forward. Repeat this 10 to 15 times.

9. Leg Lifts

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Come in the basic position, raise your upper leg, stretched with knees straight and toes pointed. raise your lower leg up. To come back, bring your lower leg down and then bring your upper leg down. Repeat it several times. Again make sure hips are aligned and core is engaged. Whenever you tend to fall then try to balance yourself by engaging your core.

Repeat all these 9 exercises with your other leg.

And then do balancing naukaasana both on your back and stomach

9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs


9 Best Exercises for Cellulite on Legs

Pack up  with some stretches, deep breathing and smile :) You have worked your cellulite/thighs as well as your core :) Let me know how do you like it and would you like me to do a similar post on abs tomorrow.


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  1. dhara parekh says:


  2. shashiii says:

    thanks a lot Nidhi….i badly need thigh fat burning exercise…already doing squats,lungs gonna add these..

    • Nidhi says:

      Sashiii squats and lunges are very good for legs. Combine this also you will see good results soon :) All the best :)

  3. Chandan kaur says:

    Excellent post Nidhi… I definitly need ths one:)

  4. Payal says:

    Fabulous post nidhi!! thank you so much…. and yes please do a similar post for abs too.

  5. Sakshi says:

    Awsome post …worstly needed it <3

  6. Ramya says:

    Nidhi, AWESOME!! I toootallly agree on everything u said abt those machines. Free weights are much, much better!! :)
    Yesterday I did the 4th one, n realised that it really isnt as simple as it looks :|
    And cellulite, ufff. I have a hate-hate relationship with them. Grrrrrrrr.

    • Nidhi says:

      hehehe..I also did them today. They are all Pilates exercises. I thought that I always share workout plans which has yoga asanas so this time I made a workout plan of pilates exercises..

  7. Meenakshi says:

    let me try these out….don know when will i be able to do nauksana

  8. Ankita says:

    I swear by free hand exercises…. :) although my thighs still have a lot of cellulite, they have got much better….u mentione some very effective exercises…way to go!! :)

  9. charu says:

    bookmarked it!:-P

  10. Precilla says:

    I too do leg press and it has not helped me either. Will try these out. Also can you share some exercise for loosing fat above the hips

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